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The other side..... and a NSV!

Thursday, April 02, 2015

After a full day at work, I decided to stop on the way home to get groceries for Easter dinner. I started pushing the cart towards the back of the store, only to see all the Easter candy in the center aisle. I went over by the candy and wanted to put my favorites in the cart. For a brief moment, I thought of my dear friend in the nursing facility. She won't be home for Easter. I started putting the grandkids favorites in the cart for their Easter baskets. Ohhhh, peanut butter eggs, whopper eggs..... I love those. I picked up a bag and then it happened!

"It is much easier to say no once in the store than multiple times at home"... what? Who said that? Me? Coupled with the thought that my friend will be away from her family for Easter dinner because of health issues related to her unhealthy eating habits. I bet she would trade all that Easter candy she over ate in the past for an Easter dinner in the present with her family. I really don't NEED that candy. It is going to keep me from what I REALLY WANT!

The favorites, went back on the shelf and I walked on! WHAT? Yep, I actually THOUGHT before just tossing them in my cart and walking on! That is a VICTORY!

When I got home, I was greeted at the door by my big, black dog. I quickly put away the groceries, put on my walking gear and clipped on his leash. We were off! It felt so good to be walking with no coat! However that first little grade out of the neighborhood didn't feel so good. I was a bit winded. I felt tired. My legs and feet felt heavy. I wanted to go home and sit in a chair and do nothing. The dog tugged forward. OK, I will just walk a couple more blocks then we will turn around and head home.

Walking on, I checked the steps on the fitbit. I really needed to walk another mile to get the step count I wanted for the day. I pushed onward.
We rounded the corner, up another small hill and walked around the neighborhood there. Somewhere along the way I found this burst of energy. We walked on to another neighborhood and on to another. I even picked up the pace! Finally as the sun was sinking we turned to go home. There is a large hill to climb on the way home. I was still feeling strong! The dog was panting and slowing his pace.... and I was out pacing the dog! That NEVER happens. Oh and look! Over 25,000 steps! Sweet!

I got home and kicked off the shoes, made an egg/veggie scramble for dinner (at 9pm, ugh). I sat in my chair by the tv and reflected on my day.

I was grateful when that feeling of I can't go any further kicked in, I pushed through it. I was amazed that those heavy legs that felt like they were dragging became lighter and stronger as the journey progressed. I am getting stronger! Another VICTORY! Wow, two in one day!

Sometimes I get side tracked on this journey. I look for a certain number on the scale, or on a size tag to make me feel good. Well, this girl feels good and it wasn't a number that did it. It was taking a moment to step back and look at that roadmap to my destination. I AM making progress. I AM doing things differently and I AM seeing results.... not in numbers, but in things that aren't as easily measured like making good decisions and testing my physical limits. Mr Scale? He didn't budge and I DON"T CARE! I don't need his approval. I have my own!

Now, I am not so foolish to think there won't be other temptations and trials along this path but those are in the future. I know I have everything I need to make it through them too if I take the time to use the tools I have. That is in the future. I am focusing on today.

So, just for today..... There is nothing like the feeling of accomplishment! I am wearing it proudly. I am basking in it. It is glowing out my every pore! Can you see it? Can you feel it? Yippee!!! Sweeter than any Easter candy!

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