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What Is Your Weight Loss Accountability/Motiv

Saturday, March 28, 2015

I've been around the block a time a two! Weight watchers, nutrisystem, jenny craig. I thought the accountability of having to go and get weighed in front of people would help and that didn't do it.

I have all the fun motivational tools, I've tried the reward systems, I have the weight loss marble jars, the smaller jeans that I want to fit in to, the stickers on my calendar when I do well, the list of reasons I want to lose weight and what I want to accomplish.

I have the motivational quotes on the fridge and around the house. I have a corkboard in my room with before and after photos... there are some photos on my fridge too. At first they stick out and then become like everything else in the house that I don't pay attention to lol.

But I just find myself so MEH right now. Seriously, not defeated but just so meh and I don't like it. (As far as life goes I'm puppies and rainbows, but on the weight loss front I am meh).

All I know is that I need to do something. The way I have been eating is not okay and will lead to a large gain if I continue down this path, which I seriously don't want.

So lay it on me, what has worked for you and even share what hasn't if you will? And don't worry if it was something I mentioned above.

I know LovinSherry posts video blogs for her weigh in each week which I think is awesome. I'm not really a video blogger, so I think I might take a page from my friend Lynn's book and post a picture of the scale each week... or bi weekly (I am trying to figure out what I want to do with my "official weigh ins") and maybe just post them as a status update.

The $$ thing doesn't work for me either. Whether it's actually winning money through dietbet.com or the idea of losing money to a friend or something if I didn't meet a goal or saving money for a trip/new clothes, no matter what it is, it doesn't work for me. I often joke with my brother if someone said to me "hey drop 30 pounds and I'll buy you a car or give you a million dollars, etc." that would motivate me. But that is not going to happen. emoticon

I am just feeling out of sorts and like I am grasping for straws. I have a couple of books I just got and I'm excited to check them out... they are more how our minds work and our habits and not really about weight loss and they definitely aren't diets.

I know what to do, and I just don't always do it. Participating in weight loss challenges/teams on Spark also didn't do it for me. I know that I need to just kind of "do it" and it has to be in me to do it at the time... but in the mean time I'd love for you all to share what does or doesn't work for you.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    What helps me is to list 3 " non-scale" sucesses daily. I use google keep on my phone. Helps me stay motivated even when weight loss slows down....

    2261 days ago
    I don't really use external motivators. I'm not a visual person so I tend to just have ideas in my head.
    2277 days ago
    1. I thought Spark teams wouldn't be the answer for me either. I joined and rejoined the BLC for almost 10 rounds. But then I finally found one that was a good fit. The formal team goals are in direct alignment with my personal goals. Don't give up on finding that perfect niche in this really big online community :)

    2. Tracking my weight and other goals in my spreadsheet. I sometimes get lost in the thought of it all. How many weeks can I realistically get to this goal? What will it take to get there? etc. Planning is fun!

    3. The literal lightness in my step. Seriously. I was out for a lunch break walk today and noted how much easier it is to go on my walk now that I'm 42 pounds lighter.

    4. Recognition from other people. No, it's not the only thing that will get me off the couch, but compliments sure are a nice boost and pleasant reminder why committing to the humdrum is worth it.

    5. Knowing I'm capable of this and a lot more. I rely pretty heavily on the confidence I gained from my weight loss.

    6. Thanks to you, I tried the sticker calendar. It was really great when it was great. I enjoyed looking back at the total picture of a month and how well I did. Lately, I've stopped doing it because it's one more step of tracking data. Zzzz

    I know there's more to my list, but ultimately, it's not any one thing in the list that motivates me to eat this, not that or to workout instead of veg on the couch binge watching Netflix. It's the sum total of all the tiny changes because being here is so much better than being where I was.

    Maybe you need to set some new goals that focus less on weight and more on healthy behavior (taking up a new sport, getting better at the ones you already do, preparing clean recipes).

    Best wishes to you on your continued journey for YOUR BEST HEALTH!
    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    2278 days ago
    I struggle with finding appropriate motivators and rewards, and like you, even money's not effective for me. I promised my family we'd plan a big summer vacation when I got below 200, which I did, but honestly we would have gone anyway I'm sure.
    The things that motivate me the most: I weigh myself daily and write the weight on my bathroom mirror. I keep about two weeks' worth of data up there, and I log it every day in the supportive "Daily Weigh-In" team. I hang a paperclip on a chain on my office door for each pound I've lost; I'm over 80 now so the chain is looped up and around. :-)
    I also check in with my Ob/Gyn every 90 days (weird, but she's my BIGGEST external motivator and quarterly is just often enough to stay accountable so she "manages" my weight loss. The co-pay is cheaper than WW LOL.) I also love to cook, so I try to find new exotic recipes that focus more on healthful choices than traditional diet foods. Right now I'm enjoying "A Change of Appetite: Where Healthy Meets Delicious" by Diana Henry. I also recently read "Smart People Don't Diet: How the Latest Science Can Help You Lose Weight Permanently" by Dr. Charlotte Markey. I LOVED it, and recommend it to all my friends who are trying to lose.
    I hope you find the success you're looking for! You've made it this far; I'm sure you can do it. :-)
    2278 days ago
  • SUGAR0814
    This is a hard one! I've signed up for a challenge, so hopefully this will motivated me not to let my team down! emoticon
    2278 days ago
    I love reading other people´s way of motivation themselves, but the one thing that has really helped me is not setting a tight time-scale and not comparing myself with others . I try a series of things like:
    Only eat when sitting down. Eat more slowly. Drink more water and walk an extra 1000 steps today - that kind of thing. Then my motivation slowly revs up and I get back into gear for a while.
    I have noticed that every time the seasons change, I become de-motivated and gain a bit... wierd! Hope things fall back into place for you really soon - hugs!
    2279 days ago
    I’m sure you have read my goodie by now and can see I’m in some kind of twisted funk about my weight and finding motivation. The best advice I got was from a friend. She just told me to keep on effing with that weight, but I need to get a tougher weight and over train my body. Over training has worked for me throughout the years and the military style workouts, but I haven’t found that motivation. I too am like you. Tell me I’ll when a million hands down and I’ll kick everyone ass and go beyond the distance to lose these 37 pounds…Tell me a new Land Rover or BMW is in the works with a crazy ass timeline to get it done and I’ll do it –hands down again. I just don’t have it anymore. I don’t know if it’s sparks or me. I’m feeling like you. I don’t know what to do. I don’t mind posting a photo of my weight. It’s the truth and I can’t lie about that photo. I know muscle is solid and fat is just nasty but they weigh the same.
    I just want to drop these pounds. And I know I can do so. I’m looking for what’s going to keep on motivating me.
    Rewards don’t do it either. I’ve tried to do it.
    My mother has promised me shopping sprees, but I have to reach 135 to get those. I always struggle with 135…I don’t know why, but maybe that’s the incentive I need to get it done –a thousand dollar shopping spree to get to 135 pounds might give me the push.

    2279 days ago
    2279 days ago
  • JAMER123
    I find my strength in this site and with a couple teams that show they care. I sometimes lose my motivation and then find it again. I have been on this site since 2009 and have lost nearly 100 lbs. with more to go. I love it when people notice the change in me, giving me compliments but I am also very realistic with the work ahead and I need to keep focused on that. My downfall is chocolates and right now it's binge time. Working to get it settled down to the reward only. It will happen!! Good luck with your motivation, whatever it may be. Find one that is close to your heart and go for it!!
    2279 days ago
    Hypertension, type 2 diabetes and autoimmune thyroid disease. . . 56 and couldn't take care of my family properly. Had to wake up and turn the bus around!

    2279 days ago
    My very biggest motivation is my future as a mom, which is kind of very far in the future right now... but I babysit my nephews and it reminds me of how much I can and cannot do with them, even now ten months and so many pounds later. I want to be an active and healthy, as well as happy, mom. So that is my biggest motivation- to better myself so I can be the best mom I can be when the time comes. Another thing that motivates me is to be able to live life and have fun adventures.

    As far as accountability goes, blogging is obviously a big deal. I do it daily because it helps me keep myself accountable and express myself at the same time. It also helps me to see patterns before they become problems. I also make periodic fitness/nutrition goals, but need to make new ones now. I have weight goals but don't really focus on them because it can be disappointing.

    No one thing will work for everyone. I know rewards don't help me either. If they do, it's such a small amount that I forget about it after a while. I hope you find what works for you soon so you can move forward :)
    2279 days ago
    What did not work - shaming myself, comparing myself to others and not caring. I made lots of excuses of why I can't versus why I could.
    2280 days ago
    I think that Disney is a good motivation for you. You love it and it shows. For me, it was my son. He told me that I was too young to be this heavy. Then it was me. I am tired of feeling depressed and sluggish. I got tired of watching and not living.
    2280 days ago
    I guess you could say I got sick and tired of being sick and tired. Stephanie, I couldn't do any of this on my own! I live with my sister Thoms1 and we did everything together. From preparing foods to walking over to the fitness center or just going for walks. We would sit in our office and work on spark and only weigh once a week! Of course once I hit onederland I changed to every day just to keep myself in check. I do things as routine it has become my life's work to stay healthy. I know what motivates one person may not motivate another. You need to sit down and truly think about what you want and write down a plan that you can follow one small step at a time. I think you may need to sit down and take inventory of what is keeping you from reaching your goals. Sometimes you have to be brutally honest with yourself whether you want to or not. It all comes down to you.

    I wish I could be lighthearted about this but it was a very good question!
    2280 days ago
  • ASCHU2
    I'm learning so much about myself and maintenance in the Half Size Me community. I listen to the free podcasts, and then I joined for a dollar for month trial. It's full of resources, archived fuze meetings, and support. I love HSMC and SP!
    2280 days ago
    Do the motivation quotes, pictures, etc really speak to YOU? Or are they ones that others have found inspirational? Sometimes I will look at the pictures, quotes, and one or two really "grab" my attention, those are the ones that I post or collect. Take a moment to look around the room or wherever the items are and see which one really moves you. Take down all the rest and only focus on that one item. Maybe you have too many up and they are all competing for your attention. Don't be too hard on yourself, maybe step back and relax about the weight loss. Focus on health, feeling better about yourself. Let us know how the books you found work and maybe post the titles so we can check them out as well. emoticon emoticon
    2280 days ago
    Great blog, great question.

    Personally, I've never understood the "lose 10 pounds get a new outfit" strategy. Trying to trick myself into something I obviously don't want to do at the time just doesn't work for me.

    I find that the more I think about having to lose weight, even though I might phrase it as 'wanting' to lose weight, the more uptight I get and the less likely it's going to happen. The more I think about food, eating, not eating, whatever, the more I want that food.

    I think tracking and planning out your day the night before is a good strategy. This way you don't have to do any impromptu planning and you can move your thoughts away from food.

    What did it for me in the end was upping my exercise. Yes, they say you cannot out-exercise a bad diet, and that's correct, but you can eat reasonably healthy and move your body more. What that does for me is relieve stress, get my thoughts away from food, get my body stronger, get the good hormones flowing.

    In my opinion exercise is the secret to successful weight loss and maintenance. It took me years to lose the last 10. Drove me absolutely crazy, 'cause nothing I did or tried made the scale budge. I went to the gym a couple of times a week but then made up the difference with too much food.

    Then I started hiking, not with weight loss in mind, just for fun. And it was great! If you're out all day, hiking a 10,000 ft. mountain food needs to be planned very carefully and since you have to carry it, only nutritious foods will do.

    I have a lot of stress in my life and I have found that hiking helps me keep my sanity. There is peace on the trail. And being in a good place mentally seems to help make everything else fall into place.

    I believe our bodies have set points. That's where the weight doesn't want to budge no matter what you try. I also believe that over time you can lower that set point, but you have to do something drastically different, really change it up.

    I'm eating clean most of the time but I do like chocolate :) It's about keeping the balance.

    So I'm rambling on, not sure if any of this even makes sense to you. In the end everybody's secret to success is different. You've come a long way, you'll work through your current obstacle, I'm sure.

    MISSUSRIVERRAT nailed it. Find your passion and things will fall into place.
    2280 days ago

    Comment edited on: 3/28/2015 12:50:00 PM
    I decided on a priority to develop as a dancer (mainly line dance). I needed to have a body that would be able to do the dances and look good doing it. I do understand that a person of any size can successfully move and groove. But, to really express certain lines and movements and positions, I needed what I'll call a clean body line....more firm and leaner. My work-outs and eating were aligned with this goal and designed for this purpose.

    Somehow, I think each of us must tap into our passion and deeper identity.
    Then recognize what body will allow us to manifest our real self.

    For example, if I were into Crossfit I would work-out and eat much differently.
    Also, this would be true if my need was to be a healthy office worker/ gal on the go.
    You train for the life you want to live. Decide on the life you want to live, the body you need to live it, and then design a program which will make it happen.
    2280 days ago
    I agree with Holly. First priority is not to re-gain. So you if maintain for a while ,that is okay. That tells you also that you will be able to keep the weight off once you reach goal. It's okay to take a while, slow progress is good, helps you create good habits. I maintained for a year, no losses, and it made me really annoyed with myself until I realized maintaining without regaining for a year was a great improvement for me.
    2280 days ago
  • MALAMI518
    I wish that I knew! I love the idea of goals and rewards, but the system just doesn't work for me. If I'm feeling motivated enough to make it work, then the reward doesn't matter. If I'm not, there is no reward that I'm capable of giving myself that pushes me.

    Weighing in for others doesn't do it either. In fact, it will just make me hide if I'm not doing well. Or I'll feel shamed or angry at the other person. As it is, I have to weigh in weekly for BLC, and that still isn't helping the MEH.

    Anything too close makes me feel like I can't do it and why try. Anything too far in the future allows me to think that I can coast a while or is too abstract to really motivate me. I am also very good at sticking my head in the sand when I want to.

    I feel that I'm an intelligent woman, but my mind still doesn't always cooperate with me on this.

    Right now I'm feeling pretty motivated by an EEEK! moment that I had yesterday. I have a Half Marathon on May 4th (only 37 days!!!!) that I haven't really been doing enough for. My eating has been BAD, and I haven't been giving running the attention that it deserves either. So, right now I'm able to look at my choices as "will this help me get ready for that Half or not?" But with me, who knows how long that will last? I really do want to have a good run that day and not be kicking myself for not preparing, so I am motivated (for now).

    I am very interested in seeing what works for you because we seem to be similar in this journey.
    2280 days ago
  • HOLLYM48
    If you are having a hard time being motivated by losing weight, maybe you should just think about taking the next 6 months and say, I am just going to stay in this weight range, I am not going to worry about losing, but I am not allowed to gain any either. Maybe being so focused on losing more weight is stressing you out so much that it causes you to be meh about it. Perhaps if you just focus on staying at X lbs for the next 6 months, you will focus on the calories and the exercise and maybe get past the meh and then you can change up your calorie range and exercise routine to go back to losing. Just a thought.
    Whatever you decide to do, remember that it is a lifelong journey and keep on being happy with who you are! All the best!
    2280 days ago
    You mentioned having all these quotes and pictures around your space. What if you put them.all away? Now that you have an empty space what emerges and speaks to you? I have learned that the answer already is inside me. The answer is inside you too. Listen to that inner voice...You will know... emoticon
    2280 days ago
  • no profile photo CD4963555
    I also have hard times finding motivators. The loss does it for me, but it's hard to maintain that when I have a few weeks of staying the same, or even going up. I'm the same way in that money rewards don't really work for me. I've thought about doing the marble jar or something like that. We'll see. I guess the biggest thing is similar to what others have said... just keep thinking of why you want to get to your goal. Good luck!!!! emoticon emoticon emoticon
    2280 days ago
    I have found great inspiration through the SP team challenge - apparently I care more about letting down team mates than letting down myself and my health, go figure??? I do like the comment about setting fitness goals rather than weight loss goals. I just may try that myself! Best wishes!
    2280 days ago
  • JAB2010
    Then it all get boring I force myself to change it up. I say force because I like eating the same foods doing the same work outs etc.

    You're been at this a long time and had such great success! Try something new or maybe go back to something that you haven't done in a long time. emoticon

    Just remember you are emoticon
    2280 days ago
  • APED7969
    I set fitness goals instead of weight loss ones. I find that way I'm focusing on my health more than my weight. Usually they are running goals but there's other ones like doing full pushups - starting with 5 and now I want to do 15 comfortably. When I feel blah I find it really useful to read other people blogs. Usually I can find someone to motivate me :-)
    2280 days ago
    I have personal rules that I follow because that's what I do. I can't rely on "motivation". I read about people who think that they'll blow it today and get back on track tomorrow. I stay on track today, and tell myself I can blow it tomorrow. Of course, by tomorrow morning that urge has passed and I wonder what I was thinking.
    2280 days ago
    the beck diet solution really worked for me - making a list of why i wanted to lose/maintain weight, and reviewing the cards/list several times a day, along with much of the rest of the program. i know it is not for everyone, but i do believe there are parts that can apply, in one way or another, to everyone, it's just a matter of finding the part that does work. all i know is i never thought it would be possible to get down to the weight i've hit now, but i did it with beck's help.
    2280 days ago
    I go in waves of having lots of motivation to not having any, but I also have a built in motivation because if I don't eat the way I should my blood sugar and pressure go to unhealthy numbers. I check both daily and I weigh daily, so anytime something goes up it tells me it's time to work harder. Not the ideal problem to have, though. Hope you find yours!
    2280 days ago
    honestly? the thrill of the loss did it for me. which may be why I'm struggling feeling motivated in maintenance.
    2280 days ago
    We all have ups & downs...your relation to daily SPARKING is a GREAT way to assume accountability.. the scale idea is doable. I find that TEAM motivation & reading success stories has a powerful affect on me...more so weight loss reality shows such as The 600 pound life or The Biggest Loser too. The fear of becoming immobile or being dependent on mobility aids is enough to push me that extra step or 2...

    Our team has a short term goal at present that is VERY doable...lose 5 pounds in 10 weeks. What is the reward....FEELING 5 POUNDS LIGHTER & HEALTHIER!!! emoticon

    You are worth it!!!

    Sandi emoticon
    2280 days ago
    Motivation is not something you find or lose, have or don't have. It is the product of how you see yourself in the world: active or passive, effective or ineffective, powerful or victimized, normal or pathological. If you want to be able to motivate yourself, you need to begin seeing yourself as active, effective, powerful, and normal.
    Dean Anderson

    Here are some more of his thoughts on motivation:


    2280 days ago
    I guess the best thing you can do is determine why you want to lose weight.You are doing and have done all the right things. It's really in the why. We had a health fair at work and had to write down our weight. Then we had to step on the scale and I had gained about 10 pounds (well probably a little less cuz I generally weigh myself au natural and had clothes on), but I was embarrassed that I had my weight wrong. That motivated me to do something right away. In a couple of months, I lost that weight. I'd like to lose a little more, but I'm in no rush and not so anxious to change my habits. I do wish I could track food. That really helps me to see what I;m eating, but DH cooks and I haven't a clue what's in it. When he gave me that info and I tracked it, I was able to lose more easily.
    2280 days ago
    it gets boring at times I know but getting healthier being ale to do so much more is reward
    2280 days ago
  • MARYBETH4884
    Once again we are in sync. You just described me, life is good, but after 2.5 years of developing good habits of eating, I find myself slipping more often. MEH describes it perfectly! I still exercise daily, drink 64ozs of water and track everything but my calories are inching up! I have better and worse days. It's just all become boring and routine and unmotivating! I'll be interested to hear other's ideas too!! Thanks for making the request!!
    2280 days ago
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