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Downfalls and Strategies to Defeat Them!

Friday, March 27, 2015

List your 3 reasons/excuses on why your lifestyle (diets and exercise) plans have not been well executed in the past.
1) Lose motivation
2) Don't track
3) Evening eating

Write a strategy for each one to keep yourself on track for 8 weeks.
1) I lose motivation because I don't focus on the reasons why I'm changing my lifestyle, so I have a copy of a special blog that I will read every day that will keep the reasons why I'm doing this fresh in my mind.
2) Tracking is also essential to help keep me on track, so every morning I will track my nutrition for the day.
3) Evening snacking is a real downfall for me, so my rule will be "NOTHING BY MOUTH AFTER 7:30 PM!" Kind of like a doctor's prescription. It helps me focus on getting my dinner in at a reasonable time.

What have you learned along the way that has really helped you?

I have to find ways, other than the scale, to keep me motivated along the way. Also, I have to be quite strict with myself in the first 2 weeks, or I'm a goner! So, this time I've got my guidelines set up and I'm ready to go.
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