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Why the weight loss/maintenance road is not paved with gold.

Saturday, March 21, 2015

I remember that when I joined Spark people almost 3 years ago, I felt like I had found the answers to my weight loss prayers. I created my page and I read through the articles, I found my goal weight, I figured out how many calories I could eat each day and how much I should exercise and I said, "this is it, I can do this and I can lose the weight that is holding me back"
I logged in each day, I tracked my calories, I got back on the elliptical that had been gathering dust, I went for walks and I was determined.
The weight did not just drop off like all of us probably hope it will. Fast and steady. No it went slow and as fast as my body wanted to give it up!
That is the hard part about this journey, our body is in charge of how much and how fast it is going to give up the weight.
There are ups and downs, when we get on the scale and we are sure we have lost weight because we have done everything right for the week, the scale may stay the same, or it might even go up. And then we are disappointed. How could this happen???
Well, that my friends is why this road is not paved with gold.
There are potholes, there are detours, there are twists and there are turns. But don't stop, don't give up, don't go home without giving it all you've got because with enough perseverance, in time, your body will give up the weight, it will grow stronger, it will grow leaner, it will have muscles where there was maybe a little excess skin, it will get you to your destination- Maintenance and goal weight.
Oh and if only the road would become paved with gold there! But it doesn't!
Once again, there are going to be the same old things you encountered in weight loss.
The journey is not always easy, but if you look at anything you have done in life, was it ever easy the entire way? Did you question yourself during other hard decisions as to why you are doing this? Why did you go back to school? Why did you change jobs? Why did you have kids? Why did you move to another State or relocate?
Think about all of the things that have happened in your life. Life is not easy, we are not promised a bed of roses and we don't get to always choose our path. Things happen, we get sick, we lose loved ones too early, we lose careers because of downsizing.
But we don't give up. We don't crawl back in bed and say, nope this is it, I can't do this anymore, We are stronger than we know and we have to decide that we are going to be strong when it comes to this journey as well.
It isn't ever going to be "easy", But it does get easier with practice and time.
Find an exercise that you love and find good healthy food, fruits and veggies with healthy proteins that you love and then let's get out on the road that will not always be easy, but it will always be worth it!
All the best to all of my awesome SP community! The road is easier with sp friends along!
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