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Stuck on cruise control

Monday, March 09, 2015

My ticker. It is stuck on cruise control & I am not happy about that. But the funny thing is, I'm the one responsible for turning off that cruise & making changes! I love exercise. That is a huge accomplishment for me b/c before I started losing weight - I hated it. When friends would ask me to walk with them I would grumble under my breath the entire time I was getting ready... and then I would huff and puff & complain in my head about how miserable I was :) Now - I love it. Lately I've been grumbling that I can't walk outside b/c our roads are still covered in ice and I don't want to fall... so I use the indoor bike, or treadmill, or the great workouts I've found on Daily Burn. But enough of that.

Food. I still love food. That is the problem. And honestly, it shouldn't be. Because I do believe that we should be able to eat all things - just in moderation. Obviously, I'm having a problem with the moderation part. And I don't understand WHY I give it such control over me. It's ridiculous, really. I know that I have to cut sugar out of my diet - that's a no brainer for me b/c I am too easily addicted to it. When I have cut it out before, I do so much better and I lose the cravings. Well, those dang cravings have been whacking me over the head a lot lately. So the time has come - I need to go cold turkey. That means about 4 days of headaches and feeling sick... but the rewards... yeah, it will be worth it.

You. I don't know what I would do without Spark People. Mainly, you guys! My Spark friends here encourage me on a daily basis & I know that is such a huge part of me pushing on and refusing to give up on myself - as I have done numerous times in my life. You've helped me to learn about loving myself & the power of positive thinking. You send little notes or goodies just when I need them most. You make me laugh & bring me even more joy - and I love that. So many of you are staying on track and doing such a fantastic job - keep it up - I love seeing that. Other friends have lost weight and have been maintaining for a long time - that is awesome to see as well. And some others, like my dear friend Button just said to me... she fell off the track into the ravine as well & it's time that we stop partying down there and get back up on the track! Yeah baby! Time to leave the ravine behind and take care of ourselves again. It is so easy to fall off, but we are strong enough to get back where we need to be. It's Monday, we lost an hour of sleep, but let's celebrate a new week and be good to ourselves :) Love you guys!

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  • no profile photo CD8054794
    I could have written this blog. It's exactly where I am too, and the exact sugar cravings & addictions too. But I know this is just a short stall, in the big picture. And I know we will accomplish what we've set out to do.
    Just emoticon because emoticon and we WILL do it.
    2056 days ago
    Ah Diane, I feel your pain! Giving up sugar is the best thing I ever did for my body, starting it again was the worst! It puts you right back in the game of 'shouldn't have this, but really want it', and all those sneaky mind games that go with dieting.
    After a month or so off the wagon, I too am going back to sugarless (after friday - it's my son's 16th birthday, and he has a great cake coming!! :-))
    I wish you well for your giving up, I'll be there alongside you. drink plenty of water to flush it all out of your system. I find having bananas on standby helps too, if I need something sweet but not sugary. If it comes in a wrapper, don't eat it! xx
    2056 days ago
    I am so there!
    Cruising has been my mode of transportation way too long and I need to get serious about getting back on track.

    Sending out some Spark Love. You got this!
    2058 days ago
    Oddly enough I have been craving less this week. Is it the weather? Is it because can finally have my windows and doors open? Or is it because of my better food choices? Eating real food finally, eating nothing pre-packaged.
    If we don't give up I believe we will find the answers and we win!
    I love all of the like minded people at SP who realize this is a way of eating not a diet! :o)
    2058 days ago
  • _BABE_
    Let's not make this hard. The world has us convinced it's a problem and therefore it has become so ....let's just do it.

    Don't make a big deal just start thinking about everything we do ( food we eat) and question it for a second. It's bound to get easier....new habits take time.

    I am not flawed and neither are you...we just go into some bad habits and started relying on addictive food substances like sugar and salt for support.

    You don't need that cause you have me.
    2058 days ago
    Right there with ya D. Right there!

    We can totally do this.
    2058 days ago
    Diane, my sweet, fun, funny friend, we got a little muddy down there in the ravine, so let's hold our mud (or chocolate) covered hands together and climb back up onto the tracks. We can do it.

    I feel much better today. Binges make me feel so physically, mentally, and emotionally sick, so the next time I feel in danger of sailing off the mountainside, I'm gonna come here FIRST and fire off an SOS to YOU and my other good Sparkbuddies. That's a promise. I only binge at home and nowhere else, so unless my Internet connection for some reason goes bad, I have no excuse not to reach out to all you sweeties here.

    Great blog, my dear. You are an inspiration to so many of us here!
    2058 days ago

    Comment edited on: 3/9/2015 9:16:04 PM
    I'm in the same predicament: I love to exercise but I love food. And I've been hitting the sugar in a big way again too. But we can beat this: four days cold turkey--I'm with you!
    2058 days ago
  • no profile photo CD14015082
    I am in the same boat as you. I cant wait for spring so i can walk with out worrying about falling. Like you I count of friends like you to keep me going.. Food is a challenge but you haventr given up and that is so important just keep trying and you will get there.
    2058 days ago
    Hello Beautiful Friend that I so love, wish I was there to give you a hug! I guess a virtual one will have to do emoticon emoticon emoticon . Diane, you are such a giving supportive friend. You have supported all of us, of course we support you too. Of course we want you to succeed and be everything you choose to be. If only it was that easy though hmmm. Easy does not go well with ADDICTION. We are food addicts, we love it , we crave it, we dream about it..lol. Right now I am having a good spell but I am no fool, I know things can change just like that. I am way to new to staying focussed and I am not going to take it for granted. HOWEVER, I am going to do my damndest to stay on course. It's funny, I read some of the comments and it seems MODERATION is frowned upon...lol. Here I am, writing about moderation on my blog today. I guess I should duck ans I might see things being thrown at my head..lol. I'm being honest when I say, I believe it can be done though. I am not saying I could ever have a giant bag of potato chips and be satisfied with a handful. Yeah right, I would eat the chips and the hand. I am saying....I will give myself permission 2x a month to indulge ion chips and enjoy them without guilt. I will exercise portion control by ny buying giant bags, just a medium size. We all have our own plan, our own way of managing. If we then decide NO I cannot have it ever, then that is a decision we have made ourselves. If we decide we want to try again to see how we do, it is a decision, a choice but we always have the ability to say yay or nay.
    Anyway, I am certainly not writing to lecture, I am certainly in no position to do that not would I. I am writing to say, you can do this Diane. I take it you are more spontaneous than me, I am more of a planner, most of the time. Spontaneous people probably have a little more difficulty. You know, the oh I am hungry what can I have type of thing and then the big fat doughnut shows up..lol. Or whatever your craving of choice is. The same goes for exercise.....I haven't exercised in 3 days because of my bad hip and foot. It frightens the hell out of me that I won't want to go back to it..lol. Thank heaven's there's the Spring challenge, otherwise who knows.
    Well chicklet, I want you to be happy. I hope you find what works for you.
    Just remember you get to decide how you need to do things for you. It doesn't matter what so ever how anybody else works their plan.
    I am doing my thing, I am not using something put out for me. If I was, I would fail. We all differ.
    Love you loads and look forward to you getting into your groove! Muwahhhhh.
    2058 days ago
    That's the key word there isn't it, addiction, and it's the answer (well at least in my head it is). Sugar addiction is very real and the effect it has on the body and the way it's metabolized makes it just as difficult to give up as say cigarettes.

    It's not a weakness or a personal flaw to struggle with something that biologically makes you want and crave more. This is one of the few things I don't think needs any deep seated analysis or thinking on the 'why' of it too much...as simply, biologically, eating sugar, will make us want to eat more sugar.

    I am right there with you with needing to go cold turkey on the sugar, I don't practice moderation with fags (cause yeah that works for all of 5 mins when my alloted 10 is done and I just finish the 20 pack straight after as addiction is about everything but control :/) so I don't think I'm the kinda person who can practice moderation with other very addictive substances. So D, you do what you need to do and what it takes to get to the 'reward' stage of no cravings and feeling more in control.

    You are sooooooo not alone in this battle friend! I was planning to start on Saturday and I hear you on the headaches and nausea (I also turn into demon bean where I literally want to beat everyone to death lol) but seriously, when it gets tough lean on us, we'll support you through the cold turkey bit!!!!

    You can do it D!!
    2059 days ago
  • no profile photo CD15169916
    Hi Diane,
    I am throwing you a life preserver, asking you to grab it, and get back on the boat. Get out of those shark infested waters, and get back on deck! I think everyone of us can "relate" to what you are saying. I think of this like people in AA think about drinking. ONE MEAL AT A TIME. That's all we really have control over. If you know you have triggers, get those things OUT OF THE HOUSE. I have owned up to the fact that I can't have "just one bite of ____" No, it's like I turn into another person and want to gobble it all up. I recognize that about myself and I know that if I just say no, and stay strong, I empower myself. I don't mentally beat myself up for going back to old, unhealthy eating patterns. I have every faith in you that you KNOW what you need to do, you just need to push that button on cruise control and hit OFF. DO it now, make the rest of the day a good day, go for a walk, make a healthy dinner, and wake up tomorrow knowing things are going to be different!

    Hugs, Nancy
    2059 days ago
    Oh boy do I understand... oh yes I do!! I do find that once I have 3 or 4 days "invested" in healthier lifestyle it becomes easier. emoticon
    2059 days ago
    Gaining control of my mind and cravings is my biggest challenge. Trying to find something that can help me by pass that struggle!

    emoticon You will get to Friday and will not look back!! emoticon
    2059 days ago
    Moderation is one of the hardest things to learn I think. But we can all do it! I know the next few days aren't going to be very fun. Trust me I have been there. Not very long ago either. But it's only four days and I know you can make it through! I am so happy to have met you on Spark..you are an amazing motivator and I'm so excited to watch you rock the rest of this year! :)
    2059 days ago
  • ALEX_V
    I read this blog as I shamefully scarfed down a Reese's PB egg. It's not even Easter yet!!! At least I tracked it, right???

    Moderation is key!!! And I think you're doing a fabulous job! I think we all have problems with the little monster named "Cravings..." emoticon Just gotta keep him under control!
    2059 days ago
  • no profile photo CD10895053
    Well Sweets, I'm cruising right along with you and ButtonPopper! We're having a rip-roaring time, but we know too, that it's got to stop, or we'll end up in the ocean somewhere, without a paddle!! emoticon Come spring, we'll be walking and walking! In fact, I think I can get out there today, for the first time in months. There was a lot of melting yesterday and there's enough gravel on our driveways and road, that I can walk on and I know that you will too soon. I love exercise too, and I used to despise it also, like you! Our eating habits are getting fine-tuned right before our eyes. We're more aware of what we need to do and what really feels the best. It will all come together and we will soar, and be slimmer and slimmer and slimmer!! emoticon Hugs to you Diane, and I love you too!

    Karen emoticon
    2059 days ago
    I hear you. I've been cruising too and it's time to stop. Let's both do this together. Put our pedals to the metal and zoom away!
    2059 days ago
    Great blog! I believe we all get stuck on cruise control from time to time. However, when we get unstuck, it's incredible what we see. It's almost a good thing to sit at a place physically for a while. I think it helps our bodies readjust to a new set point, and allows us to see the scale go down for a while.
    I too struggle with the whole sugar thing. I've got most of it cut out, but from time to time I cave to those indulgences. The good news is that they're not even a fraction of what they used to be!
    You've got this! We can all accomplish what we set our minds to.
    2059 days ago
    Love you Diane, I sure understand the love of food thing. I too agree with the everything in moderation thing. I think the cold turkey approach is good though, weening sometimes is a long process and can be a constant tease. I know you can get this weight loss thing in high gear again! You've got this!
    2059 days ago
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