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Stuff you carry on this journey....

Friday, March 06, 2015

This journey can get rough at times. Sometimes I can visualize myself looking up this huge mountain feeling very small and intimidated. Other times I have to cross over fast moving streams and I stand on the bank looking at the other side, afraid I will lose my footing and be swept downstream, fearful to take that first step. I get paralyzed by the "what if's".

Sounds silly - to be so afraid of what hasn't even happened - or may never enough to not take that first step?


I doubt myself. I doubt my abilities. I doubt my skill. I doubt my success.

Doubt kills dreams. Doubt paralyzes.

I have decided doubt no longer has a place on my journey. I am going to take it out of my backpack and leave it behind. I no longer want to carry it. It holds me back. It makes my journey more difficult.

I know it isn't that simple.

I will always carry doubt with me. However I hope with time I will find strength and confidence in my abilities.

Yes, I have an incredibly long journey to reach a healthy weight, to make healthy food choices more often than not and to exercise daily. In fact it seems so far off that I doubt I will make it there. However, this I know: If I break it down into small obtainable goals I will make progress towards that goal each day. There will be days I stumble and fall, but if I get back up on my feet and do not fall victim to my doubts and fears, I will gain strength.

OK doubt, I will bring you along on this journey. However - you do not control me. You will not defeat me. I am able.
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