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My Journey of Losing Weight

Tuesday, March 03, 2015

I've learned so much from SparkPeople. The communities, blogs and teams have helped me discover: Food intolerance, Portion control, recipes, attitude and how to forgive myself. Forgiving yourself was my biggest hurdle.

I lost weight using Sparkpeople, then I started to gain weight eating the same foods. Only to discover it was the first sign of a Heart attack. This is water weight, your ankles, fingers and stomach started getting bigger and what I thought was indigestion...was mini heart attacks, leading to the big one!

Since then I developed Diabetes, Renal Disease, Vertigo and Insomnia. The weight piled on like a bucket of water.

I started Optifast in January because my health was falling apart and my physician told me I had to lose weight.

What I've learned so far is the same thing Sparkpeople says: just a little more aggressive, like: People telling you, " you look fine" being overweight and obese...walk away, you cannot use these people in your Support Group. Social/Event eating, it's okay to eat, stick with fresh veggies, fruit? No it's carbohydrates; reach for proteins, cheeses, eggs. Carbohydrates for most is a trigger to eat. In fact, eat just before leaving to go to these events.

Sparkpeople and Optifast disagree but, agree " everyone's metabolism" is not the same...we are fingerprints! Being overweight runs in the family...ethnic backgrounds, where you live, your hormone status. Yes this is correct; but, you can change it by adding in more physical activity on a daily basis, portion control and avoiding triggers.

Your GHRELIN, the hunger hormone ( there's only one) tells the brain you are hungry, you're not hungry, but you want something to eat...snacking, mindless eating, emotional eating, benging. While on the other hand your LEPTIN hormone ( just one of many) says, you are full. Obese and extremely overweight people have more of these hormones than thin people. Yep, there is a medication containing leptin, but not for people in this catagory.

What noone tells you...

So, this means...everyone loses weight, but not as fast as others because some people hold more water, sugars, fat, have different ethnic backgrounds. Africian American Blacks have more muscle mass than Europeans, which have a different muscle mass than Asians.

What noone tells you:

BMI is calculated on Caucasians..it does not pertain to other ethnic backgrounds. It's just a generalization for height and weight. Athletes have a seperate calculation for BMI.

And so: goes the "Brain Fight". Hormones sending messages to your brain, brain sending messages to you eat, eat, eat...like someone on drugs, or smoking...it's the same. So don't try to quit smoking and go on a weight loss journey until you are ready for another "Brain Fight"

...Ketosis...ahha. Do you feel ill while losing weight? Smelly breath? Having a body odor? Stomach aches? nausea? Smelly urine? THIS IS SUPPOSE TO HAPPEN!!! This is when you are using stored sugars...carbohydrates, glucose, trigl.
Hang in there...the next step is the fat burning process: irritabilaty, headaches, short-tempered, depression for some***all the things that make you eat! Hang in there it only lasts for about 3-4 weeks..PMS, PMDD, being pregnant, menopause, a feeling that makes you want to scream! This is where diets fail you...you think you're crazy! Leave me alone! Find activity, or just meditate with some music...go for a walk, take a bus to nowhere while reading a book. Drink extra water to flush the sugars and fat, 8 glasses of water? Ha try 15 glasses of plain water.

Good Luck on your journey, keep posting, go to the Communities, Blogs. Hold your head up, because you are alright! Peace.

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