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S is for set backs

Saturday, June 02, 2007

S is for Saying, Setbacks

April 2--I like this one! Real friends are those who, when you feel you've made a fool of yourself, don't feel you've done a permanent job.
--Author Unknown

My Healthy Reflections Writing on April 17th.

How Do You React to Setbacks?

Well, I've been setting back for a few years here both in my weight and other things. Then last July I joined Sparks and in the fall I started taking old things that I had stuffed away and started to deal with them. It's not a fun project to say, hey remember this, well I still have that, and I'd like to do whatever. I've been eating some humble pie.

Talk about lifestyle changes. I imagine that while the weight isn't going down, cause maybe the humble pie has more calories than I wish, lol. Right now, I have had to stop giving to others and deal with my own things, and it's more fun to find out where others are at and try to fix them with my help. So, now I have some relationships which aren't lasting, and it's creepy, so I munch some more on humble pie.

About the set backs? Well, about six weeks ago, I had a new crisis and rather than procrastinate~~which is how the other projects got into the sad state of affairs, I was able to face it. The theme of today, it sounded to me as if it's jump in and fix things. I'm using an approach of which things can I change? I'm not into fixing things any more.

Nothing--learning to live with nothing. I think that I had to fill voids, for some emotional soothing. Now, as I've stopped going to garage sales and buying treasurable trinkets, and as I work on living in the moment, and taking a part time job which puts me around people where I can see the styles and how others use debit and credit cards, and sometimes buying stupid stuff, I'm having to learn how to do things that they want done. I'm also learning that part of the dieting process is going without, a void, nothing.......like not eating and what that means.......water, nothing more. Even for one person, I'm buying in quantity~~like a whole bloomin ham that was reasonably prices and one that I love the flavor. I cooked it, and then the first meal, I allowed myself to eat as much as I wanted because it was good. Then, I was able to get the darn thing into 6 oz baggies and freeze them........why 6 oz? It took me a long time to experiment that I can unthaw 6 oz of meat and then eat part and still have a left over. A twelve pound ham, has the flavor that I want, and will last me a long time, especially if I rotate it with chicken or turkey. Do you know how much I love shredded wheat? A lot! And somehow I got away from eating it. Or any breakfast cereals for that matter.

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