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Winter storm 2015

Monday, February 16, 2015

To all those is New England this is not to make light of what you all are going through.
I live in an area that generally sees 10 inches of snow in a year, so 10-12 inches in a day is noteworthy. The last time we had this much snow in one day was 1998, there was an ice storm in 2001.
This is how my day as gone: 6 am wake up to 2 inches of snow, schools closed and its still snowing. 9 am the snow plow goes down the street-first car all morning and its still snowing, 9:30 am the street is covered and I declare today a pj day, 12 pm snow plow plows the street, 12:30 street is covered, I open the back door and measure the snow its 8 inches, 1 pm school is cancelled for tomorrow its still snowing,4 pm measure again its 10 inches, DH goes out to knock snow off the bushes so we can see out the front window and away from the door so we can get if we need to, 5 pm the Governor declares a state of emergency for KY and its still snowing.
Tomorrow starts the freeze so I don't see school being in session all week. Another 1-2 inches is due tonight 2/17
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