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One Reason For My Setback: I Was A Virtual Biggest Loser Contestant

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Sunday, February 15, 2015

I was working out with the cardio-heavy mentality described here. And I was pounding out too many workouts (strength and cardio). It's no wonder I hurt myself.


Now, a year plus later, I'm finally able to exercise again, and I have no desire to do that again. My instinct has been to move toward daily yoga for strength and flexibility training, while keeping my cardio to vigorous walking three to four days per week.

I'm also staying off the scale a lot more. What I notice is that I'm enjoying the process a great deal and I have more confidence.

Noticing the Biggest Loser mentality is going to become a red flag for me. I'm curious whether others relate to this article?
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
  • SPEEDY143
    WoW emoticon article... thanks for sharing! I stopped watching The Biggest Loser years ago (since joining SP) for all those reasons. I'm going to mass email the link in hopes that the truth will set others free emoticon

    So glad you have found your way on this healthy journey... be blessed emoticon

    emoticon Linda
    2268 days ago
    I've never been the type to get into "contests" and such (though I've done a couple of Spark challenges) - I've only watch bits and pieces of BL, and from some of the reports I've heard/read about the show, I can't say that I'm all that impressed (though admitttedly I *did* like the concept at first).........

    Bottom line for me (IMHO) - one should do what one's instincts feel are best.........sadly, this can result in some hard lessons learned (which appears to have been the case hear for you) - such is life at times..........

    I wish you the very best!

    2271 days ago
  • BOPPY_
    2271 days ago
  • JOYM51
    Great article! I watch the show faithfully. emoticon
    2272 days ago
    Thank you so much for sharing this article! I agree with it, and started reading other Dani Shugart articles--she's fantastic! You really helped me out today!!
    2273 days ago
    Good article. I liked its points. I am glad you have found a healthy plan for exercise. I always wonder how long the people who have lost weight through that show, keep it off. There is no follow up.
    2273 days ago
    emoticon We all have to learn what works best for Our Own Bodies. The Biggest Loser is Entertainment Television. I'm not sure that it was ever intended to be "Educational " One of the Hardest Lessons some of us learn is to Listen To Our Own Bodies!!
    2273 days ago
    I did the exact same thing! I would spend 2 hours a day working out, running or walking. I was totally over doing it. Especially since I have Fibermyalgia. I also don't process lactic acid very well. It may take 2-3 days after a vigorous workout to rid myself of the lactic acid build up. When ever the weather warms up. I'm going to try and remember to pace myself better and SLOW down! Thanks for posting!
    2274 days ago
    So glad the journey is going well, you figured it out (that's what I am still working on). Our lives are a work in progress.... I'll take that. Have a great weekend!!
    2274 days ago
    Most important thing is to find out what works for you. Happy you've done that! Biggest Loser is okay if you have the time to devote to running hills in CA or wherever.....do what you can (safely).
    2275 days ago
    thanks for sharing. Deep down we must all know that this show is reality TV and manufactured,yet millions, including me, keep watching. I don't disagree but the 3 redeeming points are what keeps me tuning in. And of course, Dolvett is indeed, "hot"
    2275 days ago
    I agree whole-heartedly with this article. emoticon for sharing this!
    2275 days ago
  • ADWARD72046
    You are right about The Biggest Loser. We all know that the saying is true, "lose weight in the kitchen, get fit in the gym." But I think they put a lot of time on the show on the workout scenes, since cutting veges is not all that exciting and belongs on the food network. Lol
    2276 days ago
    If I tried the Biggest Loser type of training I don't think I would be able to make it through a work out much less move afterwards! I need to kick up my workout but not that much!
    2276 days ago
  • KIM22211
    I know exactly what you mean!
    2276 days ago
    Yes of course I related to the article. I've always felt that The Biggest Looser is sort of a freak show - so no - I would never use it as a guide to healthy living.

    otoh - I love cardio
    otoh - I love strength training

    p.s. glad you're feeling better!
    2276 days ago

    Comment edited on: 2/18/2015 5:42:14 AM
  • NIC1236
    I lost allot of weight then hurt my back from overdoing it. This resulted i me gaining most of the weight back on during the year recovery. Thankfully i only get the odd twinge and now i consentrate on walking for fitness :)
    2276 days ago
    I love SP! That is what's working for me.
    2276 days ago
    I'm so out of shape, slow (but steady) is the Only way I can go! Thanks for your blog.
    2277 days ago
  • no profile photo CD13114271
    Good for you! Do what you know your body can handle. :)
    2277 days ago
  • ANIE84
    thanks for the article. I too injured myself badly for doing too much too soon. After I healed I started again slowly. Going slow is more sustainable for me to keep going.
    2277 days ago
    I'm a fan of TBL b/c I love to see their transformations n I like hearing the heart to hearts the trainers have w/contestants about changing from the inside out. A lot of that has helped me. But I do think they're going about it in an unhealthy way.
    2277 days ago
    I have never watched the show.I used to watch Celebrity Fit Club (VH 1), anyone remember that show?? :) Anyways, it was too much too fast and most of those people got injured, or ended up putting the weight back on.**Lifestyle Change** Go slow.
    2277 days ago
    While it is awesome to see the miraculous transformation, it is way too much, too fast. Slow and steady wins the race. I often wonder how those people end up in a year, or 2 or 3?
    2277 days ago
  • no profile photo CD15135898
    I love shows about people overcoming diet and exercise, but have never been able to get into TBL. I prefer shows that encourage a slow and steady sparkpeople style approach.
    2277 days ago
  • no profile photo CD14015082
    Great article i am so happy you posted it ...thank you. I needed to hear the things this article said. I always feel like sucha loser whn i watch aand see how jmuch weight they lose and i cant keep up
    2277 days ago
    Scary stuff!

    Wishing you health and happiness.
    2278 days ago
    That was a very interesting article ..... and what a different take it had on the show. I have not watched the Biggest Loser in years and didn't even know if it was still on the air. Anyway, thanks for sharing the article and for a very enlightening blog.
    Sounds to me like you're now on the right path .... which is entirely different than the misleading path portrayed as the 'right path' in the show.
    emoticon Blog!

    2278 days ago
  • LINDAK25
    Glad you are injury free now. I've never been able to sit through that tv show. Now I know why. Once we stop setting ourselves up to fail, it's easier to fiind success.
    2278 days ago
  • _BABE_
    Great article. Now I do not feel so bad having knee issues and not being able to do that much cardio.

    As any reality show they are looking at the most bang for their buck so working these sedentary people hard is one way of making the show watchable?
    2278 days ago
    Good for you.
    2278 days ago
    Yeah, I'm more of a functional fitness person - I walk for cardio, and maintain my strength and flexibility and balance by rotating through 3 workout routines using body weight for resistance. The point of fitness is to enjoy our lives, not to make ourselves crazy by living at the gym, right?
    2278 days ago
    Good for you that you're finding what does (and DOESN'T) work for you. That's so important to sustain forward momentum.
    2278 days ago
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