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What Makes You Feel Like a Superhero?

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Monday, February 02, 2015

Join Bubba the WonderDog on his heroic walk this morning. Okay, so it wasn’t all that heroic; it was just a typical, chilly walk around the neighborhood. But Bubba made it look good. It’s nice to have friends who make clothes for your dog. Seriously, people, this doesn’t happen every day.

Everyone should have a monogrammed cape.

Speaking of awesome friends, check out my gift from our Crazies Christmas Party in January. The Crazy who drew my name made me this amazing, Wonder Woman blanket. I thought it was a cape when I opened it and tried to wear it. But I think that works too— a capeblanket; it’s a thing now. This is something that WW would take in the Invisible Jet, on those crisp, winter mornings.

By the power of Hera (or this afghan), I shall be warm!

And, since we’re talking about Wonder Woman (we ARE talking about Wonder Woman), I have to share this pic of my new belt. Oh, the glory. Of course, no one will ever see said belt, because all that I am and all that I wear, fluffs up and over my waistband. That’s okay. I know it’s there and that’s the important thing.

With Hera’s strength (and this belt), my pants shall stay up!

With all seriousness though, I ask this question in the vlog and I’ll ask it again here: What makes you feel like a superhero? I posted this video on FB and asked my friends the same thing. I love the answers I’m getting. They range from being your grandson’s best friend, to being recognized as an advocate for your special needs child, to doing the 14 million things you have to do during the day, yet managing to make sure your family is wearing clean underwear. Mostly, it’s accomplishing the everyday things, the hard things, the things we push through over and over again, that makes my friends feel heroic. Nobody climbed Mt. Everest or performed open-heart surgery (although I have friends who could do those things; I’m sure you do too). Nope. My friends looked at their lives, found heroic things they were already doing and paused for a moment, to recognize their awesomeness.

You should try that too. We are all heroes. Sometimes, nobody recognizes it. That’s okay. You probably won’t receive credit for the bathroom you just scrubbed or the customer you calmed down. That’s okay. Most superheroes have secret identities; just pretend like you have one too, if that makes it easier. But know that you are awesome. I bet you are being brave and doing heroic things every day and you don’t even realize it. And guess what? We can be heroes even before we reach our weight goals. (Whispering—we can be heroes even if we don’t reach our weight goals.) The fact that we are trying to be healthier and helping each other along the way, is heroic on its own. So tell me, what makes you feel like a superhero? I’d love to know.

I’ll leave you with this heroic picture of Bubba the WonderDog.

Spark ON, Brave Sparkers!!!
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