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SMARTypants Goals

Saturday, January 31, 2015

Ugh. So it's my own fault that the Honey Badgers have SMART goals as part of the WEC challenge this week. Why would I do this to myself?? emoticon

1. Have at least one (maybe even paying!) client by the end of August 2015. For some people, that may seem to be a long way away. But considering that I still have close friends who don't even know I'm studying to be a personal trainer (and yet strangely, I'm okay with saying it here in a public forum that's probably searchable on Google in some way), it's a big thing for me to set that goal. This means that 1. I have to take and pass the certification exam. 2. I have to market myself. 3. I have to have the confidence that I can do this.
How I'll work on this goal during this round of BLC: Studying! I've set aside Tuesday evenings and Saturday and Sunday mornings for studying so I can take the test by the end of March or possibly April. And talking to people: Tell at least one new person a week. I told one new friend today over coffee.

2. Be able to run a 10-minute mile by April 8 (the end of this round of the BLC). I need to measure this to see where I am right now...
How I'll work on this goal: Run Becky Run! I hate running in cold weather, but I suppose I'm going to have to get over that and get started.

3. Eat mindful meals for every meal of the month of February. This means no working through lunch (GASP!), no watching tv while I eat and no checking Facebook while I eat (DOUBLE GASP!). Eating mindfully is a real struggle for me. Snacking while I read is a particularly bad habit that I've had for as far back as I can remember. No more! At least not for a month (the shortest month of the year...). Then we'll see after that. I can either eat with others and focus on my food and fellowship or I can eat alone and focus on how the food makes me feel.
How I'll work on this one: This one is an easy one to let slip, especially when it comes to lunch at work. I've got a food journal that I'm writing in, so I'll start adding something about whether I ate mindfully, with whom I ate, etc.

That's my three for now! That wasn't so hard...
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