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Who is Tess Munster?

Thursday, January 29, 2015

I wanted to get this article out to my Spark Peeps because "KA BOOM" it kind blew me away.

WARNING: If you have no tolerance for profanity, skip the article below. It has some choice words planted throughout. But you can read about Tess Munster at other sites. She seems to be trending right now.

However, I find this article fascinating.

And eye opening.

And it gives me some new vocabulary to play with. I love the way the Militant Baker (the author) defines "Body Currency" and the idea if you are happy with yourself now, the way you are, you are somehow cheating...going to the head of the line without "doing the work" to get to that elusive magic number that is the thing that should make you happy.

Does Tess Munster have the right to be happy and sexy and a PAID model at size 22?

If you read some of the mail she gets, there are a lot of people who horribly and hatefully say that the answer is a big NO.

So, here is the article. It brings out a lot of emotions in me, being that I'm not too comfortable in my skin no matter how high or low the scale reads. There is always some elusive "other me" that I chase, and chase to no avail.

I need to sit with this for a while and see what happens.

I'll check back later to see what YOU think...


Here are some smokin' hot pics of Tess ....

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