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Can't catch a break

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Had another rough evening. Was getting ready to clock in and sit down and do lesson plans (as I am the assistant director/curriculum director/preschool teacher at the childcare center where I work), when I get a call from my husband saying we needed to take my mom-n-law to er. SO I dropped everything I was doing and headed home.
When I get home, there is a little discussion on whether or not she needed to go to er or just wait and make a doc appt in the morning (of course, I was a little upset that the 2nd may even be an option as I had just dropped everything to come home - not that I want her sick but ) Finally a decision is made that yes she needs to go. So I get a few things together to go (including a few snacks) and pick her up.
My youngest daughter helps my mom-n-law throughout the day and sometimes throughout the night - She tells me that she is gathering a few things too. Our er is notorious for a long wait time of a hour or two and then more in the actual room - so we wanted to be prepared. My husband is not able to go to er with us (But insists we go to the er in the next town where her doc is located) so my daughter and I finally get my Mom-n-law in the car and ready to go to er about an hour after I left work.
When we get to ER - to just sit and wait 3 1/2 hours before we even get called back to a room then another 1/2 an hour before we see a doc. Then we are told they want to keep her but there are no rooms available - entire hospital is FULL!! So she spent the night in the er room. YUCK!!
The worse part of all the waiting 1. getting nothing productive done 2. nothing to eat for any of us 3. she is a diabetic (not severe but enough she needs to eat on time) 4. worried about dehydration and they didn't want us even giving her a drink 5. My daughter and I both incredibly hungry but too polite to eat or drink in front of her 6. Pizza deliveries about every 15 minutes walking through the er waiting room to go to other parts of the hospital - smelled good - even the places we would never eat!!
7 HOURS after I left work - my daughter and I head home. Hated to leave her there alone but no place to even remotely be comfortable for us in the er! OF course, both starving and very thirsty. Water bottle saves the thirst!! I was even wiling to eat at MCDONALDS!! but everything was closed!! So we stopped by walmart. Just wanting something quick and easy so we can eat and get some rest. As you walk in there are these huge sub sandwiches so that is what we get a huge sub, chips, and she gets something to drink. I have water. I would normally eat like a 6th of this sub - maybe a fourth. I eat 1/2 a sub and a whole bag of pretzel crisps. Amazing how easily a whole day can be taking over by 1 meal. My brain was not involved in any of this eating. It was a huge allotment of caloriesl But today will be better.
I know my boss will understand about the lesson plans but now I got to rush to get them done and that is extra stress in itself. But I am heading to work - hopefully today will be better.

I missed exercise this morning for an extra hour of sleep - I can see fitting exercise in later today were a nap will not happen! My body really needed the sleep more. Now as I just looked at the clock - I realize on top of all that I should be ready to leave for work right now. Guess I'm going be a little late. AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!

Ok Breath. I can do this. It will be ok. HAVE A GREAT DAY EVERYONE!! I will try my hardest. SMILE. I can do it. SMILE. Smile. :)
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    Thank God she was released yesterday from Hospital. Although I think 1 more day may have been beneficial.
    But now we can get back to "normal" for the most part.

    Naps are not an option for me. It is difficult time when I've had very little sleep to put the children I work with down for nap because I have difficulty staying awake.
    2364 days ago
  • no profile photo CD2704340
    Thinking positive thoughts for you and your MIL. Hang in there--things will get better.
    2366 days ago
    At least you will have access to food and drink today! I agree that there are times my body needs and hour a sleep more than it needs an early morning workout. I can slip small exercises in throughout the day. Naps are out of the question.
    2366 days ago
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