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The Long Game

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Friday, January 23, 2015

I shot this vlog on Wednesday, but I’m just getting the chance to post it. I went to the doc yesterday and ended up getting a little loopy on the meds he gave me. Here is the conversation in my house last night (Logan-DS, Audrey-DD, Randy-DH):

ME: (editing video at my desk) Whoa.
LOGAN: Why do you look like that?

ME: Huh?
LOGAN: Why do you look like that, all weird and miserable?
ME: I dunno. I feel weird.
RANDY: You’re slurring your words.
ME: Am I?
LOGAN: Heh heh
RANDY: What did you take?
ME: What the doctor gave me. Steroids and a painkiller. Something anti-inflam, flam, flammatory.
LOGAN: Heh heh
AUDREY: Do you need a hug?

ME: No, I think I might throw up.
RANDY: (reading prescription) It’s a cocktail that has Vicodin in it.
ME: What??
LOGAN: Heh heh
AUDREY: You should go to bed.
RANDY: Vicodin. You’re stoned.
ME: I need to finish this video.
RANDY: I don’t think now is the best time for you to edit an animated, talking money video.
ME: (Abraham Lincoln’s face starts to swim.) You may be right. I think I’m gonna go to bed.
LOGAN: Heh heh

You try to edit a video like this, on Vicodin!

So, yeah, I’ll pass on the Vicodin today. And yes, I finished the video. If you’re dreadfully curious, you can see the first three; two more, to follow. 


But good news from the doc! We're going to try to treat this with meds and avoid going to the specialist this time. Woohoo! Already feeling a little better, with more mobility and less pain. I may attempt an extremely short, Bubba walk later. I’ve been doing slow walks on the elliptical, to keep the streak alive. The doc got excited when he saw me wearing my FitBit. He asked me how many steps I had for the day and I told him, “Not many, trying to be careful.” But it was cool that he noticed. Speaking of FitBit, I earned my India Badge. I didn’t even know there WAS an India badge, but apparently, there is.

Walked the length of India. All in ONE day! (not)

And I was really excited about what the doc told me about strength training. If you watched the vlog, you know that’s what got me into this mess this time. Anyway, he said that resistance bands would be fine, after I heal up. I was afraid they wouldn’t be effective enough, but he said to walk, do light cardio, add resistance bands and I’d be good to go. That’s playing the long game, people! No all-or-nothing, don’t have to push myself to injury; I’m liking this moderate plan. Long game!! Like a retired, yet semi-active, Wonder Woman. Look, a friend even gave me the caped socks for it.

Yes, I wore them with argyle shoes. Works for me.

Well, that’s enough for now. Just wanted to do a quick update and talk about playing the long game, since that was my big learning point this week. I gotta get ready for our Crazies Christmas party tonight. Yes, we decided to have ours almost exactly a month late. On purpose. We drew names and the rule was: Spend less than $10 and it has to be handmade. My Crazy was being clever and asked for “whirled peas.” So, I got some Sculpey clay, google eyes and gave her just what she wanted. Heh heh

Aren’t they cute?

Give peas a chance!

I will leave you with this inspirational card my insurance company sent me yesterday. I’m keeping it on my person at all times.

Now, I have an excuse.

Spark ON, Brave Sparkers!!
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