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2015 Plans vs Goals

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

2015 ~ Goals vs Plans
~ Goals offer no means to accomplish themselves. Goal setting is arbitrary. To accomplish a task, it requires a plan.

So I reviewed my 2014 Goals, wow was I idealistic. I listed 20 hopes out there and I didn’t fully meet any of them. Some of them are legit plans I still intend to take, like daily choosing to love my husband (1), shooting for 10,000 steps a day (3) and eating more whole foods/less processed (15) but I think I got a bit carried away listing out my daily/weekly/monthly workouts - 1,000 miles running (17) or 10 miles weekly biking (18). I didn’t really give myself any grace in the planning, and I need grace and allowance for sickness/injury/family needs aka ~ LIFE!
I still have daily/weekly/monthly steps for health and fitness, but they aren’t my GOAL. They are my PLANS.

I could sit here and list out my plan, step by step, what I intend to eat, how my workouts will play out, how many miles I will attempt to run/walk/bike, etc. But ultimately, my plan for 2015 is simple:

Love God. Love Others. Love Self.
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