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A blissful Saturday all to ourselves.

Saturday, December 13, 2014

It feels like so long since Ive had an entire day off of everyting. Today everyone was out the house. Youngest son is back on the rig at work.
Having his last cup of coffee, having just suited up and ready for flight.

The other two are visiting her parents in the neighboring town, which meant my grandson was away too and my hubby was out on a call from the crack of dawn. It was just me and the dogs. I was still languishing in bed (something I NEVER do) I tend to open my eyes as my feet hit the floor.....kind of person.

So there I was lying around being totally lazy, reading a book when my phone rang. It was my sister looking for company for a breakfast outing. Her hubby was out on a job and she wanted company. She fetched me and we went to a place called Travel Bugs.

Its a delightful little restaurant with in indoor and outdoor section. The outdoor section is a tranquil area at the back with tables under large umbrellas, surrounded by a lush garden that has the feel of a snug hideaway right in the middle of town. It has bamboo sections and palms that separate the tables one from another. They also water features everywhere. I absolutely love the sound of running water, its very soothing for me.
On top of everything, they serve such healthy food at a decent price. This was breakfast.

We were ending our breakfast together, when Justin phoned to say he was done with work and wanted to fetch me to go somewhere...just the two of us. He got my attention with that statement. emoticon
So within 20 we were on our way to find somewhere peaceful to spend our time together.

On route I spotted this buzzard sitting on a fence post. He must have been young, because he allowed us to drive almost next to him before taking off into the air. They get to realize that humans are not friends as they mature. A sad reality.

Once he took off, we went on down the road to an isolated river bed. I cannot even begin to explain how peaceful it was there. With all the storms we have been having lately, I think no one has walked the trail for a while and the pathway was a mass of green ground cover that resembled parsley without the strong smell. This ground cover had a "wet grass" smell. A lovely smell in its own way.

We made it down to the river itself and the water was so yellow, it literally took my breath away with its beauty. Who says the roads aren't paved with gold?

Hubby sat and took his shoes off all the while telling me NOT to show the photo to his mother of his white, skinny legs...or she will worry that I dont feed him. LOL I wish my legs were just like his.

I had to laugh at that because she knows how much he eats, he just has their family slender genes....lucky man. He came home from a visit to his mom, laden down with biscuits, crunchies, fudge and all manner of his favorite cakes and has single handledly nearly finished them all. And he has not put on a gram. Sigh

Sitting at the river, chatting away about things in general is always such a treat with Justin. He really knows how to chill. And the spot we were at was absolutely delightful. It had a bit of everything. It had running water so that trickling sound was with us the entire time.

The area had beautiful trees with tons of bird life, so well camouflaged, that I could not actually see one, but they were there singing their little hearts out.

The tree roots started somewhere around the base of the tree and then seemed to just keep on going till they found water. Nature is amazing how it just never gives up on anything, it just finds a way to do what it must.

It had the usual bug life, including this spider. It is very small, but still has the ability to turn one into a ninja turtle when you suddenly walk into a web that is over the path....shiver.

A couple of beautifully colored dragonflies kept skimming the water like dainty ballerina dancers. These beautiful little darting insects were such a magnificent blue. Then I remembered that once before I had photographed bright red ones and wondered if their color difference meant anything specific? Turns out, its all about male/female and vegetation. Interesting fact is that the only place in the world that does not have dragonflies is the Arctic. The info I found on these tiny little wonders is incredible. Like, some of the larger species migrate, flying of many thousands of miles. Goodness me! They are brightly colored because they dont need to work on camouflage to capture their prey. They work on incredible speed and eyes that see forward, sideways and backward. They work on tracking their prey and predicting their movement which then has their prey and themselves flying slap bang into each other. Very very interesting indeed.

When I looked out at the water, I could honestly see why Jehovah said everything was good, after he created it.

The more we sat looking at the various facets of the river, the more we realized how everything in nature is beautiful, even things normally considered...not right.
Like dying, dead grass, felled trees that floated down stream and ended up wedged etc.
These two things, if in a cultivated garden, have to be removed as unsightly. Out here in its natural place, its just beautiful.

Looking at the rocks and stones under the water is even beautiful.

Zooming in and being able to see the rings on the stones under the water...always thrilling for me that water can magnify so amazingly. Actually looked a bit like an underwater cave. I wonder if i will ever be brave enough to learn to aqualung? I would imagine that the sights there would be like nothing Ive ever seen before. Something to consider in time.

Even the way the water reflects back up onto the rocks is interesting.

So ended our day at the river. A truly relaxing day, with beauty on display every way we looked.

We drove home, in blissful silence. A comfortable silence that comes from knowing someone long enough to not have to talk to still enjoy each others company.

It would be my dream to live on a farm, with a river running through it. My piece of heaven on earth.......in time I may have that dream come true. In the meantime, I am feeling very privileged to live in an area where all this beauty is a mere 20-30 minute drive away.
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