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In the footsteps of greatness

Monday, December 08, 2014

Along with hundreds of others, I stood on the sidewalk, the air more than crisp , the sun peeking in and out, teasing us of warmth that never came...waiting for my turn to come, for my turn to run. It was still a couple hours away before I expected to see my relay partner for the California International Marathon. So much energy as we waited, excitement building among the other relay runners and the crowd there to cheer us off.

"Here they come! The leaders! The frontrunners!" someone screamed out. I immediately walked to the edge of the road even though the "security" kept reminding us to take three steps back. Then, suddenly a group of 4 men came racing toward us, graceful, fluid, effortless, this after already running over 13 miles and knowing they had another 13.2 to go. More runners followed seconds behind, each fast, with their own gait, smooth, strong, but nothing quite compared to that first glance, with the recognition that I had witnessed the greatness of some of the best long-distance runners in the world.

Another couple of hours passed when it was finally my turn to get on the course. Slow, a little clunky, a little awkward...but I knew as soon as I stepped on the course, I was running in the footsteps of greatness.
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