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Weight loss!

Thursday, November 06, 2014

15 months ago I weighed 223 a new high for me! I'm 5'1 1/2.My old doctor said I should weigh 105 or less.Most of my adult life I weighed 120-145 LBS- In my 50s I started gaining weight. For five years that I needed hip replacement surgery I continued to gain.I lost 20 Lbs for the surgery.Of course I gained it back with a few friendly pounds for company.A few years ago I did everything that my insurance company required for A Gastric by pass-I was turned down ,even though I more than qualified.A little over two years ago I changed to Kaiser Insurance,I had to move into their area to get covered.I attended 24 weeks of classes. lost 23 Lbs that they required.On my surgery date(May 19th) I weighed 200Lbs.Today Nov 6th I weigh 145 Lbs.For the last two months,I lose about 3 Lbs a month.This is fine with me.165 was my goal weight.I'm very happy with my new weight. I'm very active.I wear size 8s instead of 20s.I have to see my surgeon plus the Kaiser doctors every few months.I'm off blood pressure ,high cholesterol meds.plus I'm not pre diabetic anymore.The surgery and all the months of classes were worth the trouble in order to be healthy again.I turned 65(medicare) two weeks prior to surgery.Kaiser/Medicare paid for everything except 10.00 a visit co pays.Was it worth it? Hell Yes!
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