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22 years!!!!

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Hubby and I celebrated our 22 nd anniversary yesterday.

We usually don't do anything because for the first few years of our marriage we had no spare money so we just did stuff at home, with our kids and loved it. Then the next 10 yrs hubby spent traveling for work, and we were eternally in two different countries over our anniversary time. We kind of just got into a lazy habit of doing nothing. BUT NOT THIS YEAR.

Add, 2 young girlfriends and what you get is YOU HAVE TO DO SOMETHING.
First came Nikki who decided she should straighten my naturally curly hair with her GHD hair straightener. It was fabulous being pampered, Sooo relaxing I could barely sit straight on my chair....chatting was almost impossible, for fear I drooled down my chest. Once she was done, Izelle did my make up, and Nikki put the finishing touches to my nails. Izelle decided I should go for the understated look and it came out fabulously.
This is us in my garden for the natural light.

This was the finished product.

Hubby had decided that we would spoil ourselves by having dinner at Kingfisher Restaurant. The girls did not want him to see me before our actual "date" so I got put into my car and shooed off to the restaurant to await my prince charming. As I was reversing out of the property, Justin arrived with a colleague. All I could hear was izelle squealing 'GO GO GO GO...."
I took off obediently, but checking in my review mirror, I could see a very perplexed looking Justin staring after our car disappearing down the road when he was supposed to be in it. LOL

Needless to say, my other half is a jeans and shirt kinda guy and positively HATES dressing up. Again....he did not get away with that. The girls had him donning smarter clothes than that before he was allowed to join me.

Their first stop was a florist so my dearly beloved could buy me some flowers.
Ooooh choices choices, what flowers does the wife love best? (I chuckled on hearing this because the answer is simple...the wife loves ALL FLOWERS..you cant go wrong with me when it comes to flowers) After finally making his selection, he was raced off to the restaurant to join me.
I used to buy flowers every week before the cost of living rose so drastically. Then I grew my own, till the advent of puppies which put an end to any decent type of garden....oooh what we suffer to own pets, but I'm getting side-tracked, so let me get back to the point.

Initially, I sat alone waiting and waiting and waiting and you always get that "one person" who looks over at you with that "shame - alone" indulgent smile. I smiled back because I knew my secret. Within abut 20 minutes I saw Izelle's little blue car fly around the bend and into the parking and out jumped a beautifully dressed....gorgeous guy....my guy!

He looked surprised at the straight hair and smiled from ear to ear, seemingly enjoying the "other look". This is us at the restaurant.

And these are the beautiful, variegated Carnations in a rich, deep pink with Gypsophila (babies breath) to accompany the carnations.....truly beautiful.

We ordered a drink each, followed by our main course and shared a dessert before ending our evening with cappuccinos. The evening was more than I could have dreamed up and we had such a relaxing time laughing about the fact that I would return to my Cinderella look in the morning plus other memories we made over the past 22 years and make new plans to charter our course for the next 20.

We both took such a chance way back 22 yrs ago.
I'd been in a bad marriage before and was terrified of entering another marriage, period. To this day I still dont quite know how he whittled me down from NO to YES.
On his side, he took a chance on a broken woman, with two broken children....(as a bachelor). Quite a task. No matter what challenges we have faced, we faced them together with the promise that divorce would not be mentioned between us. It never was. Bible counsel and Dr Phil's book were good helpers lol during the tough times.
And here we are 22 yrs later....WE MADE IT.

It turned out to be one of the best personal decisions I have ever made with my life, and if I could have seen the future I'd have agreed that much quicker.
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