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She's a brick house...

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Over the past few months I have been in panic mode over a slight weight gain. All told, I am up roughly 10 pounds from my lowest weight.

It seemed like no matter what I did, those pounds would NOT budge. To make matters worse, my pants were starting to fit snug in the thighs. I was almost ready to have a meltdown of magnificent proportions.

In x-bike class the other week, I was discussing this with my friend and she was having the same problem. All of her pants were getting snug in the legs to the point she had to take back a few pair of dress slacks she had bought a few months ago, but never wore.

This got me thinking. All of my pants still fit in the waist, in fact, most of them were too big. It was the thighs and hip area that was getting snug.

I decided to take measurements, and what I found about knocked me over.

In a little over a year (14 months) My bicep measurement went up 2 inches, my thigh measurement went up about 2 inches, my calves went up by almost 3 inches, my neck went up by 1.5 inches and my waist went DOWN by about 1.25 inches.

So...what does this mean? What it means is... I am built like a brick house. I have packed on solid muscle mass. I've got definition. My thighs are like rocks. My backside is firm. My arms (as the kid in the shop said) are "beastly"

Needless to say, I am not having a meltdown any longer over what the scale says because I think at this point, the number that I am seeing is pretty much useless. Of course my pants are going to be tighter in the legs because they are muscle.

I've decided that I don't want to look "skinny" I want to look "stacked"

All of these insane workouts are paying off!
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