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Knott's Scary Farm & 2 NSV's!

Sunday, October 05, 2014

I had a blast at Knott's Scary Farm! We did about 8 miles, and it was just an all around great time! We managed to do everything! We saw it all, even the 2 shows and rode a couple rides! We got an "unlimited pass" for the month of October, and can go to the Halloween Haunt as many times as we want. We are going to go a 2nd time for sure and maybe even a 3rd.

So I had 2 huge NSV's, the first is...

I was having so much fun, I forgot to eat!! I work graveyard shift, so I woke up at the 2:30pm so we could go to this. We had "dinner" (or breakfast if you will) at 5:45. I had the smallest burger they had a Fuddruckers and my serving of fries. Probably to the tune of about 900 calories or so. I had snacks in my bag for Knott's, there was food readily available, I did get tempted by the smell of the churros, but I know I was not actually hungry! By the time I was finally hungry it was 5am which was my bed time so I headed to bed instead! It really did help me see that when you are busy, distracted, or having fun, food isn't that important! It wasn't the source of entertainment, and it really was not important to me. Had I gotten hungry I had snacks available, but I didn't need any special treats to make the night awesome!

The other NSV is that we did the 8ish miles and I feel great today. My knees and bad ankle don't hurt at all. My thighs are a little sore and my neck a little stiff from all the walking, but overall I feel awesome! It just shows that while I'm still obviously overweight, I really am sturdy! I can do SO much and I am thankful for that. With that said, I often dream of how it'll be even easier when I lose the last 30 pounds... uh, I mean, the last 1 pound, 30ish times. ;)

Everyone loved my shirt at Knott's. It said "Keep Calm And Kill Zombies", which is fitting because they have an attraction where you go through and shoot at the zombies with a laser tag type gun. You go through with 2 army people, and try to kill as many as you can while saving the survivors. What a blast.

We talked to so many monsters, and had a bunch of laughs. I know the event is supposed to be scary, and I was caught off guard once or twice, but for the most part we have fun talking to people and it's extra fun when they play along!

The one girl in the Fiesta De Los Muertos area asked if I had killed zombie (because of my shirt) and I said we had. She told me she hoped I killed her husband so they could be together, lol talk about staying in character! Since we were talking my brother asked if I could take a photo with her... and she said yes but only if I can scare you! Talk about adorable!

At the end of the night we got to take a picture with the sweetest werewolf, what a doll. He even talked to us a little... not so scary of course but down right adorable and I now have a pretty great souvenir! Looking forward to going back in 2 weeks, but first, Disneyland LOL!

Here are some of our fun times at Knott's:

^"We're here!"

^"Nice kitty!"

^Our new BFF!

^She said we could take a pic only if she could scare me! :D

^The popcorn feeding frenzy!

^Good ol' Elvira!

^The Wicked Witch!
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