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Who Wants To Play A Game?

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Okay, so not a scary game, but a fun game! Okay, maybe fun is over advertising a little bit! emoticon I was trying to come up for a way that my coworker and I could get back to business and kind of feeling like we are working on our weight loss together. As everyone knows, our Disneyland goal kind of went in the toilet, but we are going to Disneyland on Friday anyways. emoticon We are ready to have some fun and cut loose, but we still want to get back to business in terms of weight loss.

At first we talked about various plans, and she may go one route and I might go another. That is the thing, no one way works for everyone, and we have to do what we can stick to. If we settle for a plan that isn't what we want to do, or that is wrong for us, we are kind of setting ourselves up for failure right off the bat. So I tried to figure out a way that we could do this together but separate.

2,000 calories for us is about maintenance. As long as we do not go over 2,000 we are at the very least standing still. Obviously the bigger the deficit the bigger the step forward... but as long as we are aren't taking giant steps back, I consider that a win. So this is how I decided our game would work.

emoticon The game will last for 30 days. We plan to do more than one round, so that we have more than one chance to be the big winner. ;)

emoticon We must track all our food for the day, if we are under 2,000 calories then that counts as a good day!

emoticon If we don't track any/some of our food for the day, it automatically counts as a bad day, no point awarded.

emoticon Whoever has the most good days in the 30 day period is the big winner!

emoticon The loser will either pay for parking our next trip to Disneyland (we split parking typically) OR buy the other lunch at Disneyland.

So as basic and simple/silly as this might be, it gives us a sense that we are doing it together. The "big prize" at the end is really only a matter of 8-10 dollars. So it is not like we are betting crazy amounts of money that we can't afford to lose, it'll just be a nice treat for the winner. I also think doing it for 30 days is great, and doing multiple rounds makes it better. That way we both have a chance to win.

I have been really slacking on tracking my food on days where I've eaten poorly. So that rule about forfeiting the day if I don't track is a big one. I want to put up a good fight and have as many good days as possible, which means tracking every bite!

They very obvious benefit of this game, are that regardless of who wins or loses, we will both have lots of good days under our belt, and that is going to lead to some weight loss! There really are no "losers" when it comes to this game! I don't like competing in terms of pounds or even percentage of weight loss... it just puts too much emphasis on the scale and sometimes that can be discouraging. But calories IN are very controllable and something that we can work hard at and get the rewards! :)

We are starting our game on Saturday, September 20th, and this round will end on October 19th. I invite any of you who want to play the game to join in. The beauty of this game is that you can customize it to your needs! Try to have as many good days out of 30 as you can. You can define what a "good day" is for YOU. Maybe you want to track exercise, steps, calories... maybe you want to only eat when you are hungry, maybe you want to cut out a certain food or drink for 30 days. The world is your oyster! Of course I can't buy all of you lunch, but I will post again half way through and at the end and you can let me know how many good days you have had... and there will be goodies for all participants! (I know I know, a goodie is kind of underwhelming, but it's all I got emoticon)

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