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Easy or Hard? You tell me!

Sunday, September 07, 2014

Is losing weight easy? Or is it one of the hardest things we have ever done?
Is maintaining weight easy? Or does it take as much hard work as losing?
Is exercising hard? Challenging? Exhausting?
I suppose we all have different answers to these questions. I know that I found losing weight to
be very hard. As I get older, I think it becomes even harder. Our bodies just don't want to give up the weight and the fat that we have become so comfortable with.
After having 2 babies and having some extra adipose tissue around my hips and stomach, I know that I will always have a bit of a bulge there.
But we all most learn to love our perfect imperfections. And after watching how the ads redo the models as far as airbrushing and making them all even more perfect, we know that is not even achievable anyway.
So if it is so hard, why do we try anyway? Is it all for naught?
We all know the answer to that question- no, it is NOT all for naught.
We will never have a super models body( well I won't, I can't speak for everyone).
But we can have the best body that we were given and we can make sure that we are treating it the best that we can. After losing 45 pounds, my knees, back, legs and whole body just feel better.
I walk 5 to 7 or miles per day. I go out of my way to get in as many steps as I can and I very rarely am sitting down for more than a few minutes at a time. Why, well because I have more energy and I love moving around.
If you are frustrated and feel like it just isn't worth it anymore, go pick up a bag of something that weighs 10 lbs, then one that weighs 25 lbs and then one that weighs 50 lbs and try carrying that around for an hour, it is hard, and then think about the weight that you have lost and the weight that you are still trying to lose and then think about why we are here and why we are fighting this fight... because we don't want to carry that extra weight around.
It is weighing us down and keeping us unhealthy.
Don't give up, don't think it is too hard. It won't be easy, it is still tough maintaining weight because I know I can still only have a certain amount of calories each day so that I don't regain that weight, but for me, it is worth it. It is worth the effort I put into exercising and running and walking and doing whatever I have to do to stay active and burn calories each day so that I feel my best as I wake up each morning.
If you can walk, then don't waste that gift, there are many people that cannot, and they would give so much to be able to stand up and walk and run and move but due to disease or some other cause, they cannot. But if you can, get up today and take back your life and make it the best one that you can.
You are in charge, you have the power and you have to decide.
One day at a time, one choice at a time.
We can do this and doing this with the help of SP is the best that I have ever experienced for support! Get out there today and JUST DO IT!
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    What a great blog -- I "liked" it and hope it gets wider readership That image of carrying around heavy bags is such a helpful one.
    2031 days ago
    Whatever the investment ............ the benefits are certainly worth it ............... I never want to go back to my 'heavy' weight where straps were cutting in and feeling miserable ............. Main thing is to just keep moving and stay active. Good blog as usual. emoticon
    2031 days ago
  • no profile photo CD14815535
    It's often easy to forget that you're the one in charge of your own body--love the words of wisdom in this blog!
    2031 days ago
    Great blog! emoticon
    2031 days ago
    emoticon Yes losing weight was hard this time, but I do know it was all worth it and I never plan on going back there again. I always remember how it use to be, hard to move around and not wanting to do much. It was all worth it, and I will keep doing it the rest of my life.
    I just looked at your pictures, you look great, I sure don't see any bulges, slim and trim and healthy. emoticon
    2032 days ago

    Comment edited on: 9/10/2014 7:16:53 PM
    Thanks for being such an inspiration!
    2032 days ago
    YES!! Well said! And I am going to get up right now!!! Thanks!
    2033 days ago
    That was a great blog to read this morning.
    I love, " But if you can, get up today and take back your life and make it the best one that you can.
    You are in charge, you have the power and you have to decide.
    One day at a time, one choice at a time. "

    You do take back your life and have more energy. Your carrying bags around reminded me of one Xmas that I filled a cart with 5 20 pound bags of potatoes. I was visually reminded of the weight that I carried. I then donated it to a shelter.

    I enjoyed your inspiration. You are doing a great job of keeping those 45 pounds off and on maintaining.
    2034 days ago
  • FRAN0426
    Fantastic blog Holly. I'm sure many of us have some experience with the difficulty of having problems losing weight---still no reason to quit. Every day we spend eating healthy and exercising---we are still healthier than we were. For me, I was that super skinny kid, teen and adult who could eat and eat, never gaining weight. Then middle age set in and the pounds started creeping on slowly. Stupid me just ignored it, never having to worry before, and old habits were very set. Each day I continue to eat healthy, exercise in the Y pool and struggle, but giving up is not my style ( yes, I do have days that wish I had eaten better). The next day strive to do even better.
    2034 days ago
  • ANGGEL40
    Now you said a mouth full...thanks for sharing this blog Holly emoticon emoticon
    2034 days ago
    One more pound and I will have loss three 10 pound bags of sugar!
    2035 days ago
  • no profile photo GLORIAMAJDI
    Great blog Holly, you are right, it does get more difficult as we get older but we just have to keep pushing and work with what we've got! I agree with you about staying active, it makes such a difference. I can't stand sitting around anymore (after all, I sit around all day at work, why would I want to sit around the rest of the time?) and I think moving is what keeps us young and physically fit. Even if we are walking or just puttering, sitting is not so good for us. It is definitely hard but if we set our minds to it, we can do it!
    2035 days ago
  • EILEEN828
    Awesome blog, I'm going to reread to make sure it sinks in. Thanks for the motivation. emoticon
    2035 days ago
    Wow! What an awesome blog Holly! Losing weight for me was hard but maintaining my weight is the hardest! I also have to watch every calorie I put in my mouth and log my food every day or the pounds will creep back. I will not allow that to happen! I am so proud of you walking 5-7 miles every day! Thank you for being such a wonderful sparks friend! I hope you have an awesome Sunday!
    Hugs and love!
    2035 days ago
    One of the reasons it's hard is because we want results quickly, like in the magazines - "Get a bikini body in 6 weeks!" I found that if you take your time and lose very gradually, it's not that bad. Of course, I'm very patient.

    I'm the same way with exercise. Start small and gradually (in my case VERY gradually) improve.

    Yes, we should all be grateful for what we can do and not focus on what we can't.

    2035 days ago
  • no profile photo CD14034154

    There was a time when I started this lifestyle change journey the weight was very easy to come off. No, it's not one of the hardest things I've ever done. The hardest thing I've every done is spend 6 months in the hospital, because of a drunk driver. Then 18 months in rehab learning how to take care of myself and walk again, when the surgeon wanted to amputate my leg.

    No maintaining weight isn't easy! It's harder than losing the weight. I've been there, and that's my experience.

    Exercising can be hard, challenging and exhausting all at the same time. However, if I'm committed, to get God's Temple back in Divine Order, it's all worth whatever I have to go through. Besides, I love to exercise!

    This was a great blog! Thank you so much! When I was first learning how to use a wheel chair, I though about those would be in a wheelchair for the rest of their life. I know how hard it was for me to learn what I had to do in and with that wheelchair, and my heart broke and I sobbed, as I was fighting to lay this wheelchair down, but others couldn't. I know those that are in the wheelchairs have such upper body strength to get things, done, but they had to start out where I was at. That's very humbling!


    - Nancy Jean -
    2035 days ago
  • no profile photo CD14903239
    I read a blog recently where the spark member said treat it like a job, and do it whether you like to do it or not! I loved that!
    Yes, it is hard and the older I get it seems impossible-especially this last year! But, I keep going, because I know from your example and others it can be done! I appreciate this great blog-very encouraging!! emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    2035 days ago
    This lifelong journey is SUPER hard but it's for our health!! As you said, to keep our body in the best condition possible emoticon As weight is loss, all the broken health issues start getting fixed like magic. Worth every effort!!
    2035 days ago
  • no profile photo CD14915039
    Your right Holly - walking is a gift ! - Holly , after two beautiful daughters that you brought into the world - you look gorgeous inside and out ! I did not see any adipose on you ! emoticon
    But , I understand what your expressing - It is hard as you age and after that the last go around with Cancer and the steroids which added thirty pounds as steroids do , I realized that for me the gift is living and for me I now eat and focus based on disease prevention and to increase energy through proper digestion without losing flavor - its taken me almost four years to get to this point , so I feel for all of us its a individual journey - when I first started - I learned to walk again , as you know - then moved onto the emotional issues attached to food and blogged about it , right here on these pages- recognizing my triggers , anger , fear and so forth which brings on stress as well as chronic diseases - that was the hardest stage for me , but I learned a lot about myself -( like how strong I am ) no matter how foolish I appeared to others at some point it became about me all in a good direction , but , I feel that really finding a activity that I enjoy makes movement a pleasure opposed to a chore , now its all coming together , it takes time and research , but I am worth it , we all are !
    Love you - K emoticon
    2035 days ago

    Comment edited on: 9/7/2014 5:04:06 PM
    What a wonderful blog! And you make a great point about being thankful to be able to get up and walk. I really should think about that more often.

    Hope you're having a great Sunday afternoon!
    2035 days ago
  • BLUEJAY1969
    Bingo! You really hit the nail on the head with this blog! It's not easy but it's worth it! Good practical exercise in picking up heavy objects to see how hard it is to carry around all that weight!
    2035 days ago
    awesome blog that I love thank you you are right it is not easy at 54 but I want my life easier at 80 so moving every day is a plus and eating a little less doesn't hurt either
    2035 days ago
  • no profile photo CD13354694
    emoticon emoticon for this awesome blog today!!! I really needed to read this today
    emoticon emoticon
    2035 days ago
  • no profile photo CD14895051
    I agree it is sooooooooooooo much harder losing weight now at 59 than when I was 29, but I also agree that it is so much more difficult to be overweight at this age. So, I pick myself up each day and do what I need to do to give my body and life some relief from the extra weight I've been carrying. It is wonderful to lay that burden down and to feel the desire to move again.

    emoticon emoticon
    2035 days ago
    emoticon Blog! Keep moving!!!! Wishing you a great day ahead~ emoticon
    2035 days ago
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