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Just a thought...another update on Bruno

Wednesday, September 03, 2014

Hadn't updated y'all on Bruno since June and so I guess you could say No News Is Good News! He's still on the same dose of Prednisone and of course the antibiotic is long since done. He's doing pretty good. He wants to go for walks, but not on the pavement....wants to walk through people's yards. I try to take him on mini walks b/c I'm sure he'd never make a real walk, so I sometimes take him just down to the corner ( allowing him to walk in my neighbor's grass along the road). He's part beagle and tends to want to let his nose lead him! hehe Besides the prednisone making him feel hungry so much ( he always was a begger and food oriented) all is well at this time! Still "hoovers" around the house looking for crumbs. Still doing a lot of his old pastime things, but just naps a lot more. Esp. through the morning, but in the afternoon......he'll stand and stare at me till 3pm when I give him some green beans for a snack. By 3:30/4:00, he's standing and staring at me till 4:40 when he gets his supper of his dog food and some more green beans. These are frozen beans ( thawed over night in the frig) so there is no added sodium or anything and they are practically calorie free to keep the old guy from gaining any extra weight. He likes them and that's half the battle!
Right now, he's laying on his beddie here in the livingroom, only a couple of feet from me, having his first "after outdoors" nap. Such a sweet boy!
Basically, he seems fine. Just slower and trips up sometimes, but no serious anything at present.
Thought y'all'd like to know how my Bruno is doing. He is my lovey!! So far, so good!
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