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Quiet Time Is Over & No Weigh September!

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Saturday, August 30, 2014

It was a mere 2 days ago that I said I needed to take some "quiet time" for myself to kind of figure out what was going on with me. Well, quiet time is over! emoticon So seriously, I really can't stay away from Spark. It just goes to show how much this is a part of my life, my weight loss journey and my everyday routine. I think I was just feeling really overwhelmed, but luckily that feeling has passed! I'm not back on track, but I am ready to be! That might sound silly, but I guess there just gets to a point where you are like "I'm truly ready to get back to business!" and now is that time. FINALLY! LOL!

Instead of setting little goals, I am trying to shift my thinking. I am going to work on forming a routine, or a way of life. Instead of having cut and dry goals that I end up feeling like a failure if I can't hit them, I am going to work on having a consistent routine in my life. I think that will benefit me in all areas. I won't bore you with each and every detail, but some of these things will include:

emoticon Walking Sparky, wearing my fitbit again and being more active during the day.

emoticon Not having fast food. Hitting the drive thru regularly is what got me to my heaviest, and it just simply can't be part of my healthy lifestyle. For some reason, I can't have it in moderation anymore, so it has to go. The exception to this rule is going out to dinner with family or friends... that is more social and that is going to happen from time to time for sure!

emoticon Getting back to tracking my food.

emoticon Adding in strength training and more intentional exercise.

emoticon Having a routine for my cleaning and assigned chore days... Wed: Grocery Shopping, Thurs: Laundry, Fri: Food prep for work, etc etc.

emoticon The hugest change it all is going to be the hardest! Only weighing once a month! *GASPS* Can I do it?! Maybe not. But there is a stipulation that comes along with this. When I am doing bad, I need to see that scale every once in a while, to see the damage I am doing. It is so easy to be "out of sight out of mind" with it, and next thing you know you've gained back 20 pounds. I can not let that happen. So as long as I am on track and doing well, I want to weigh in maybe the first of every month. I will weigh myself the last day of August (which won't be pretty btw) and then not until the 1st of October if all goes well. In theory this will be good for me... I know myself and think it will be helpful, IF I can do it. I have a lot of theories that don't quite pan out, so I have to remember to remain flexible, in all areas! But I would really like to make September the best month yet! I just need to stay focused and get the job done. I know what to do, that is how I lost 90 pounds, but I just need to DO IT! emoticon emoticon

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