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The Dangers of Dumpster Diving

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

A few weeks back, I was on a roll. Every day I was getting out on Baby Stewie. For 3 weeks. I even managed to crash a couple times and one of them left a mark.

Right Bicep. Felt like I broke the collar bone, again.

Life was good. Then, Punkin' (who happens to live with me now) went dumpster diving and came up with this:

Meet Rumpke. NOT the newest member of the family. Note the ominous foreshadowing.

Two Fridays ago, she was getting gas and heard an odd noise from a dumpster. She went over a looked and found this Devil Dog wrapped up in a dingy towel. I took some emergency vacation and we took the dog to the vet. Given the circumstances of it's discovery, she named it Rumpke. It appears to be some kind of Rottie and Australian Cattle Dog mix and was about 4 weeks old when found. . When she found it, it weighed 2 lbs. In one week it was up to 4 lbs. Sweet dog. It really likes to hug. With its teeth. We're working on that.

So, there was a week of spending my mtb time caring and getting things set up for Rumpke. And then came these:

Queen Jane Approximately, Pyewacket, and Flaumig von Schnappibottom.

These three sweeties are half sisters of Miss Hinson. She was ever so thrilled to meet them.

If I turn up missing, you know who to blame.

I got Hinson last October when a coworker mentioned he was going to take a litter of 5 kittens and turn them loose in a farm field because he couldn't have that many cats in his house. I took the 5 kittens, made him swear to get mom cat spayed, kept Hinson, and turned 4 into the SPCA. Guess who didn't get mom cat spayed? This time, I only had 3 kittens (out of a litter of 6) to deal with. He claims to have found homes for the other 3.

I kept one.

Queen Jane Approximately.

I named her after the only song I've never heard Bobby forget the words to. I'm sure he has. I've just never witnessed it.

One of my coworkers decided her older cat needed a sibling of the same species. So she, being native of Germany ( and the poor soul I made sing the Schnappi song during the canoe portion of the Little Miami Triathlon last fall) got this one.

Flaumig von Schnappibottom. For some reason, upon getting her home, my friend renamed her Mitzi. Some people...no taste.

The third kitten was headed to the Humane Society. Or so my girlfriend thought.... Again, ominous foreshadowing. I talked my girlfriend into going with me to pick up the kitties. The third one didn't make it to the shelter. She did make to my girlfriend's shoulder....

Pyewacket. Note the glowing red eyes...

I caught an elbow to the ribs when I mentioned naming her new kitten after a witches familiar from the 1600's was appropriate. I think my girlfriend thought I was saying she was 400 years old.

Because of work schedules and vacations, I had all three kittens for a week. Here's how Count Mortimer reacted:

No, Morty, that's not a dog bed.

Here's King's reaction:

And Hinson:

Again, if I turn up missing....

Last Saturday, Linda got Pyewacket. Yesterday, my friend from work "found" a little kitty at work (good thing she just happened to have her cat carrier with her) and got it home to her first grade and fifth grade daughters before her husband got home. So last night, it occurred to King

and Morty

that Queen Jane is staying.

They both seem to be getting over it, though.

Morty and Jane.

King and Jane.

Now, if we can just get Rumpke from hugging Jane with her teeth.....

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    That's quite the impressive menagerie you have there. I am legally changing my name to Flaumig von Schnappibottom. I'm sure it will give me mad street cred.
    2451 days ago
    Tails of KAYZAKCX! I love that you have all these babies to keep you on your toes.
    2485 days ago
  • no profile photo CATLUDWIG
    Awww, I loved reading this!
    2485 days ago
    I love your names! I once had a mouse named Pyewacket--I'd just seen Bell Book and Candle and loved it. And why anyone would change a grand name like Flaumig von Schnappibottom to just plain old Mitzi is beyond me. Really! What was she thinking?

    When we first brought out rescue Dixie (Bassett) home, our part Maine Coon (also rescue), Princess Wacko, expressed her dissatisfaction by lying on the couch arm and smacking Dixie on the nose whenever she ventured too close. Then they'd race around the house chasing each other and crashing into furniture (we have terrazzo floors). Now that they are mature ladies, they're much more sedate. Dixie is around 98 now--blind, hard of hearing, and a little arthritic, so Princess Wacko gives her little kisses on the nose instead of batting her.

    Really enjoyed your blog post. That picture of Hinson is Awesome!

    I can't wait to show your blog to my DH. He's gonna' love it too!

    Thanks for sharing! Have a great day.
    2485 days ago
    lol thanks for sharing. Sounds like you have a house full
    2485 days ago
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