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arrrgh just not my week

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Nipper (my dog that is on my picture) is very sick and the vet said she isn't ready to put down yet. But to prepare myself for this When I came home of the hospital in 2012 she made every step I made and watched me. She was afraid that those men would take me away again... I was gone for a whole month.. Two years later she is the one with the problems the kind of dog she is (black lab mix) are prone to having hip dysplasia *spelled wrong I am sure. She is still playful but her right back leg can't be used to steady her. So she walks until it gives out an rest a minute then goes the rest of the way to outside. She isn't eating much only the chicken I roast for me I always share with her. I was told she was just a dog and to get over it. No she is my baby... I have been setting up with her at night I don't want her to be alone.. So yesterday I totally forgot to log in.. I tracked food but didn't log in and lost my streak.. Yes the streak was important but caring for her right now is a little more important. Time for me to get to bed she is finally resting peacefully after her dogie aspirin which is the same as the one my husband takes for his hear a coated small dose aspirin.. Just had to get this out so maybe I will sleep tonight for a change. I know we will have to have her put down and right now it is driving me crazy....But I don't want her to be in pain and not do what she wants to..
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