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Starting from where I left off

Sunday, August 17, 2014

On the 8th I was sitting by the pool admiring the Canna. The plants have really grown. I had my camera in hand, and right as I was about to take a pic, Henley the Hero said "passing through". Not sure what all the hurry was about, but he dashed by quickly.

The sun was going down, and was shinning slightly on the Canna leaves. It really brought out the red in the leaves.

This past week or two, the Moon has been fun to shoot. On the 9th, 8:20pm..Nice and full.

The next morning about 5:30am I had to let Sarge out to do his business. It was so nice out I decided to stay outside with him. I looked to my left, and the Moon was hiding behind our neighbors tree. My funky art for the day.

One of our Roses.

On the 11th, 1:30am, the Moon was still looking good. I seldom get this many pictures of the Moon in a short period of time that look decent.

It's amazing it was so clear out that morning. By 5:30 pm our skies looked like this. The San Bernardino Mountains are in the background. Hi Jackie emoticon

DH and I drove over to what I call "the little pond". I was hoping the Blue Heron was there. It wasn't, but I did see 3 Mallards.

I was shooting through a chain link fence. As I was standing there, a female House Finch landed not far from me. It seemed curious.

I kept hearing Killdeer's calling. It's considered a shore bird, but we see them in the strip of desert near us. They lay their eggs in the shurbs. A versatile bird.

I started to walk back to our car when DH noticed a Jack Rabbit drinking from the pond. What a lucky find!

Early the next morning I was walking around the backyard. The sun was dancing on one of my Angels. This is my favorite Angel. I hope this shows up in here. She is holding a globe, and the light from the globe was hitting her face. It looked so lovely. Plus the Angel has a smile on her face. It's almost as if she was enjoying the warmth of the sun hitting her face.

I kept hearing a buzzzzzzzzzzz. A Bumble Bee was checking out the flowers from a weed we can't get rid of. It is a pretty flower, but a weed that has a need to take over. Gerrr.

DH moved my Garden Rabbit. It is now under the trellis. I love the eyes on this Rabbit.

DH is still working on the Duck Pen. I took a picture from the inside. This will be the view the Ducks have once they get bigger.

DH built the pen near the trellis. I think it will detract a bit from the trellis, but it is the only area we had for a Duck Pen. So I will go with the flow. More pictures of the pen to follow.

There was a Raven in our Pine Tree, in the front yard. It kept letting out a Caw.
Not sure if the bird was watching me, or calling for its mate.

House Sparrows were hanging around as well.

I put some peanuts out for the Scrub Jay in the front yard. It hopped down the Pine Tree within 10 seconds.

I walked over to where my Geraniums are, and I spotted a Katydid. What a name for a bug. Kind of a cute bug, but it eats leaves, so not welcome in my yard. I scooped it up and put it on the hanging bird seed dish. Hopefully a bird spotted it, and had a treat. The Scrub Jay ignored it.

I walked to the backyard again. Sarge was with me of course. He decided to take a quick swim in the shallow end of the pool. He was in good spirits. I had no problem getting a smile out of him.

That's how my last week went. I look forward to new adventures this week!
Hope your Sunday is a good one!
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