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All who wander are not lost??????

Monday, August 04, 2014

All who wander are not lost...... Isn't that how it goes?

I love to wander. I love to explore. It is one of my passions. Get me off the beaten path! However, when I set a goal and I start to wander, I am in trouble. History tells me I am on my way to getting lost and who knows when I will find my way again!

This girl has been wandering!!! I have somewhat managed to keep my exercise on track, but at times that hasn't been the best. My eating, well, I have been trying to sneak in treats because "I deserve them" or just because I feel lazy, or I just plain tell myself I want something and then obsess on it until I drive myself crazy. Last weekend it was fried fish, some fudge, an ice cream cone - this week it was a killer workout at the Y of which I was so proud - topped off by pizza. Sunday it was takeout Chinese food at 8pm following a day of little exercise.

STOP Barb! You can still see the path from where you are, turn around! Focus on your goal! Do something to move in that direction, before it gets out of sight! I know sometimes life gets in the way and our goals get out of sight through no fault of our own. I know how hard it is to stay focused in those situations - but this is a self made situation!

This morning, I rolled over and hit the snooze. I played with the thought of doing it again and again for a half hour - but instead I dragged my groggy self downstairs to the basement. I turned on some lively tunes and hopped on the treadmill. I walked 4 miles BEFORE getting ready for work.

It's lunch time - I didn't bring a lunch. I could drive through somewhere - but instead I am going for my walk. After that I am going to go to the store deli and get a piece of rotisserie chicken and some fresh fruit.

Focus Barb. Where are you going? How are you going to get there? How are you going to get around those bumps in the road up ahead? What if that doesn't work? What are your alternate plans to get there? What are you WILLING to do???

OK, new day, new week, fresh new piece of paper - you have the box of crayons! Time to get creative!!!
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