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Lookin Good

Monday, August 04, 2014

Flowers in my yard are looking good, and so many colors.

Julia Child Roses. As I was taking pictures of the roses, I spotted a baby Praying Mantis. I was so cute. It wasn't sure about me though. I took a quick picture then left it at peace.

Our Silk Tree (Mimosa) has a lot of green pods on it. I watched a Hummingbird today that was all over this tree. They love the blossoms. Sorry, no pics of the Hummer.

Verbena just loves the area we put it in.

This picture was a experiment of sorts. I was sitting in a chair by the pool. Sparrows were hopping around inside the Silk Tree. You could barley see the birds at times because the inside of the Silk Tree was fairly dark. It was after 6pm, and the sun wasn't hitting all of the tree. I watched the birds for a while, then noticed one of the birds on a limb and it just sat there watching me. I noticed light was reflecting on the bird and a limb of the tree off and on. I couldn't figure out why the light was coming and going. I looked down at the pool and the water was moving about due to good breezes we were having. I then realized the reflection that was hitting the bird was from the pool. It was so interesting. Luckily I had my camera in hand, so I took a few pictures hoping to capture the reflection on the bird. One of the pictures came out pretty decent, so here it is.

The 31st our skies were pretty clear. A Starling landed in our Elm Tree.

Sparrows were on the telephone line above the tree.

My boy Sarge was having fun watching me walk around the yard.

One of the homes we are taking care of, has birds. Lots of birds. We went over to feed the Chickens, Ducks, Parakeets, Cockatiels, and Rabbits. I took my camera with me because baby Ducks had just been born. They were 2 days old in this pictures. I think there are 10 all together.

Here are some of the other birds.

Yesterday morning we had a pretty sunrise.

We also had a pretty sunset, but that will be in tomorrows blog. Time to call it at night.

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