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5 Promises

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Well, friends and neighbors, my time with Cymbalta was short-lived. I first want to say that the four days I was on the medication, I was almost completely pain free. That was quite wonderful, and actually a bit comforting. It was good to be reassured that the pain is being caused by the aromatase inhibitor, and not cancer.

I am a person who is quite sensitive to medication. If there are side effects to be had, I usually find them. So, I experienced several side effects of the Cymbalta which made my doctor say to immediately stop. I wonder how many side effects I brought on myself, by worrying about taking it? Either way, I have now discontinued it, and the pain is coming back. It is a day of rest for me, as I deal with a migraine and my body returning to it's previous state.

A SparkFriend, USMAWIFE, left a comment on my blog post suggesting treatment with vitamin D and B12 as a remedy for the pain. I am grateful for the information, and I am having my vitamin D level checked on Friday.

In other news, I read an article in Huffington Post today by Lindsay Holmes. The title is "5 Promises You Should Make To Yourself Every Day". I found the article uplifting and will share the 5 promises with you:

1. I will make a point to notice when life is good.

2. I will listen to my body AND my mind when I'm stressed out.

3. I will smile at one stranger today.

4. I will be kind to myself.

5. I will try my best.

These promises are simple, straight-forward, and can make my day better as well as those around me. I like them!
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