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"What's Your New Plan?"

Monday, July 21, 2014

So I didn't mean to be a tease on my last blog, I promise I didn't! emoticon It was never meant to be a secret. emoticon I had a few inquiries about what that new plan might be... especially after I lost about 5 pounds the first week. (I lost 5 pounds in my "spark week" from Wed-Wed but 7 pounds in the first 9 days on the plan). The thing of it is, I know this was mostly water weight. When we start a new plan we can get that "whoosh of water weight" right in the beginning. Even my coworker (who is like a weight loss buddy) immediately wanted to try "whatever it was I was doing". The thing of it is, if you start any new/organized plan, you can expect some water weight loss right away. Does that mean it's the best plan ever or that we are going to be super successful on it? Not necessarily.

There are 2 reasons I am not ready to talk about *how* the plan is working for me. The 1st reason is I simply don't know. It has only been 2 weeks, and we will see if I have any weight loss to show for week 2 on Wednesday. My coworker and friend were impressed by my initial loss, but I was quick to mention "what if it's a month from now and I only lost 2 more pounds?"

The second reason is that every time I announce that I am doing a plan, I end up quitting, failing at it or just simply deciding it's not for me. Then I feel like a dofus coming back to tell you all that I quit it after a week or two. emoticon So those were my personal reasons for not talking about it.

But then I had several people saying they couldn't wait to hear what it was... and then I felt bad for not sharing. I know people are just genuinely curious, I would be too. I enjoy hearing about others plans and learning about them. Does that mean they are for me and that I will do them? Not neccessarily, but if it sounds like something I might like then I may look into it.

I will also say this... I lost 85 pounds eating whatever I wanted and counting calories. That's it. I ate easy mac, chicken nuggets, and lean pockets sometimes. I ate cheetos and other goodies. Are they the most healthy? No. Does that work for everyone? No. Would I recommend to anyone to go on an "easy mac/chicken nugget/cheeto diet? No. I did eat other foods though, I swear LOL. emoticon My point is just to say that is how I lost 85 pounds of this weight. So if anyone were to ask me for advice on how to lose weight, I would tell them calorie counting is the #1 reason for my "success".

I have only been doing this plan for 2 weeks, from the author himself, he says it's a tool and not a lifestyle plan. In a sense that bugs me. My calorie counting is incorporated into my healthy lifestyle that I will do for a lifetime. So going on something that I will eventually come OFF of was not something I was ever really interested in. But with the last 25ish pounds hanging around I was ready to try something different and see if I could shake things up with my weight loss. I am ready to get to my goal and learn about maintenance.

I was also hesitant because I tried this plan last October and failed miserably. I blamed the plan, but it was all me. emoticon I see that now. I only made it 7 days last time, and I have completed day 14, so I think I am in a better place mentally.

emoticon So please, the only thing I ask is that any possible negativity about the plan itself or me going on a plan that is only temporary, please keep it to yourselves. Most of you are incredibly fabulous and supportive people, so clearly that doesn't apply to you. emoticon emoticon

The plan is called the Carb Nite Solution. A cliff notes version of what the plan entails can be found here: crossfitchallenge732.blo

I also want to say specific to this plan, they don't give calorie guidelines, and they encourage only counting carbs and not worrying about calories. I know that is not helpful to me. For me, it's calories in/calories out and so I still count my calories and stay in a healthy range. emoticon

emoticon Am I promoting this, saying it works, saying I've been successful at it or suggesting you do it? Not a chance. emoticon I have been on it for 14 days, I do not have any opinion on how it has worked for me because it's too soon. I have not decided how long I will be able to continue this plan... I will however say, that IF I continue for 1-2 months (I am collecting data/daily weights as I go) and have enough information to form an opinion about how the plan worked out for ME, then I will let you all know. :)

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    Funny, we seem to do similar things at similar times. I'm experimenting with low-carb for August and using this last week of July as a tapering week. I'd be interested in any tips you can offer since you're further along. Mostly, I need to figure out snacks other than fruits and yogurt.
    2521 days ago
    YAY for burning that fat! You are doing great, dear heart! As for those challenges, read "The War of Art" by the brilliant Steven Pressfield. Any undertaking is met with challenges to find out just how much we want our desired goal. You'll love it! The Carb Nite plan sounds somewhat like the Atkins program which has worked for me. Keep tracking the plan to see how it works for you~ emoticon emoticon BB~ emoticon
    2525 days ago
    It is great you can do this plan. I could and would not being a new diabetic. I appreciate your sharing and I do hope it works well for you to get to goal. Keep pushing Steph !
    2526 days ago
    I'm sorry! I know I'm one of the people who "couldn't wait" to hear about the new plan. I didn't mean to make you feel guilty, I was just curious. I totally understand your reasons for not wanting to talk about it too much yet, and either way was fine with me, I promise!! I also have lost weight eating pretty much whatever I wanted and using the nutrition tracker. I've lost a total of about 60 lbs, but gained about 10 back and I'm working on getting back on track. I couldn't do the plan you are trying anyway because I am a type one diabetic, and I easily consume 30 carbs at one time if my blood sugar drops and I have to treat it. So, a plan like that would never work for me, but good luck with it! I'm still curious to see what you think about it after you've done it for a while. Sometimes something like this "temporary" plan can help kick the old plateau bug! Good luck, and I will never have hard feelings no matter whether you choose to share or not to share with me!! And congrats on sticking to it so far! No worries :)
    emoticon emoticon
    2527 days ago
  • no profile photo CD13287288
    I am all for trying new things- and I have seen many people at work that have phenomenal results with a lower carb lifestyle.... and as you have said, what works for one person may not be the best for another, right now, my husband is just doing calorie counting and doing well, but as he gets closer to his ultimate goal weight, he may need to re-evaluate and do something different.

    Also any plan that encourages eating less processed food and more whole foods, is a positive one I believe.

    You ae doing great and I think after releasing 7 lbs in 9 days, your body may be trying to catch up, but next week I will bet you see more weight loss! Just stay on track with the plan, and like Pixie says, trust the process....

    Take care!
    Thanks for sharing!
    2527 days ago
    Thanks for sharing this! I had not heard of this plan and I always like to learn about something new! Hoping it will work out well for you and will be just the 'shake up' you need! I know I have done things just for a little while, just to keep things moving in the direction I want. Hope you are happy with the results!
    2528 days ago
  • -LORI-B
    A dofus is one who keeps doing same thing even tho it isn't working. It is perfectly fine to try something new. How else will you know what works for you. We need to change our fitness around now and again to confuse muscles etc. I would think the same can be said for food
    You are only responsible for yourself. Share what you want on your time. People should understand. Good luck
    2528 days ago
    Whatever works and is healthy - go for it! I'm a firm believer that we have to change it up now and again - for both physical as well as mental reasons. Have to say I'd never heard of this before - but it's like a "cheat day." My most successful weight loss strategy was strict food tracking 6 days a week and a "cheat" day on Saturdays. Will bookmark this one for future reference - thanks!

    2529 days ago
  • no profile photo CD12885136
    2529 days ago
  • JAB2010
    2529 days ago
    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    2529 days ago
  • JAMER123
    The cliff notes sound interesting. Hoping you continue to do so well. You have a great head on your shoulders and will do well!!
    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    2529 days ago
  • no profile photo CD13708081
    Those who matter don't mind, those who mind don't matter! Who said that?!

    Anyways, that's what I get from this and when you are ready, you will share! Thanks for giving us a 'hint' of what you are up to!
    2529 days ago
    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    2529 days ago
    Awesome sauce on the explanation. I complete hear you. I am kind of trying to do Carb Cyling. Can't wait to hear if its still working in 60 days. Hugs good luck.
    2529 days ago
    My dear, the bottom line is at this time it's working for you. THAT'S all that matters. The rest, as they say, is gravy.

    2529 days ago
    emoticon great attitude and great post! emoticon
    2529 days ago
  • no profile photo CD8658467
    Great success so far! Best wishes as you continue with it! emoticon emoticon
    2530 days ago
    I have been eating LC for almost 10 years...switched to KETO about a year ago...and added in a carb up nite a few weeks ago...found out it really helps...

    I also do it with a calorie cycling thing...it took a bit to figure it all out but the fat seems to be moving so it all works...

    For me and many others it is a lifestyle... :D
    2530 days ago
  • LINDAK25
    Hey, sometimes you have to try something new, just to start moving forward again. Wishing you success.
    2530 days ago
    Great! Thanks for sharing!!!
    2530 days ago
  • no profile photo CD12915013
    Every ones body is different, what works for you may not for some one else. You keep on your journey and see where it leads you. You know your self better then anyone. I wish you well and I hope it all works for you. emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    2530 days ago
  • GINA180847
    Like you I am hesitant to talk about what I am doing for the same reasons. I am not too consistent with things. I swear I am going to make up a 30 day meal plan but who am I kidding? I wake up saying to myself 'what will it be chowmein (lots of veggies in it) or maybe a vegetarian chili ?' I prefer to surprise myself. I am better off logging what I did eat rather than a consistent plan. I am a Leo, maybe that is it.
    2530 days ago
    I hope it continues to work for you :)
    2530 days ago
  • no profile photo CD12704857
    u gotta do what you gotta do for you! I say GOOD LUCK in your new venture. I myself am a huge cutting carbs and sugars but logging food is soooo important still too. keeps us accountable!.
    so u go on with your bad self and kick butt as always. u got this!
    2530 days ago
    Steph - I applaud you and your decision just to see what happens. It's definitely too early to be singing the praises of this. I wish you well. You have some great tools in your tool belt that I might add you'll probably need to buy another belt.
    2530 days ago
    Travel your own road...it will take you where you need to go.
    2530 days ago
    Just because the author says it is a tool and that you will "go off" the plan at some point doesn't mean you actually have to. If it works for you, you could just keep to it.

    Best of luck!
    2530 days ago
    man can I totally relate to the "didn't want to share because I may end up not finishing personal reasons" stuff..LOL

    Your secret is safe with us!

    2530 days ago
    I hate that you felt pressured to do so, but still, I appreciate you sharing the plan you're trying. And, I'm glad it's working for you!
    2530 days ago
    You're right - we each have to find our own path through the potholes and bumps of losing weight and adopting a healthy lifestyle. What works for one person doesn't necessarily work for someone else, and what works for us one time might need to be switched around another time.

    My doctor strictly limits his carbs for a couple of weeks every time he gains 5 lbs., and he quickly loses them. Then he goes back to eating healthy carbs. I prefer to stick as close as I can to the SP recommended 50% carbs, 30% healthy fats and 20% lean proteins, because this is something I feel I can continue for the rest of my life.

    Thanks for sharing your plan, and don't feel like a dofus if you switch it around again. Trying new things, and evaluating their worth to you is all part of this journey to a healthy, sustainable lifestyle.

    Hugs, you're doing great,
    Gail emoticon

    2530 days ago

    Comment edited on: 7/21/2014 7:06:48 PM
    Good for you for shaking things up a bit. I hope you have a great week!

    emoticon emoticon
    2530 days ago
    2530 days ago
    I don't blame you for keeping the specifics to yourself. I like that you're waiting to see how the plan works first.

    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    2530 days ago
  • no profile photo CD13669487
    Its a good solid plan to quickly lose body fat, not just weight loss AND keep the fat burning hormones burning on a low carb diet AND not letting the thyroid plummet from a long term low carb diet WILL do. If any one does low carb, this is the way to go to keep the thyroid still functioning by strategically placing in carbs at the right time . Like I said, I shared this with Beanies_Mom about a year ago. I have the whole pdf book of the plan. The only reason I couldn't do it is that with getting vertigo from progressive lenses, going to low of carbs triggers vertigo back, unfortunately. I also do a lot of weight lifting and got his Carb Backloading Plan, but still afraid of trying it and end up with vertigo, and besides, it is WAY more complicated than the Carb Nite Solution. Have you checked out his website at http://athlete.io/
    2530 days ago
  • no profile photo CD10895053
    Thanks for "spilling the beans"!! One person's determination can sure rub off on others and I certainly hope that you'll be rubbing on me! We'll just keep pushing!! emoticon
    2530 days ago
    Try anything once, if you like it try it again....Good luck. emoticon
    2530 days ago
  • no profile photo CD3990357
    Thanks for sharing.
    2530 days ago
    2530 days ago
  • no profile photo CD13150933
    emoticon Whatever works for you, just "GO FOR IT"!!! emoticon
    2530 days ago
    I'm sorry that you felt pressured to share your plan before you were ready because I understood your reasons for not sharing. It's emoticon though that in your sharing you were honest and open about your lack of any real data about the plan and you also made it clear that you weren't pushing it on anybody else. I truly hope that this plan is beneficial to you and that it can make your journey to your goal a little smoother or even faster. emoticon on exceeding your former attempt!! emoticon emoticon
    2530 days ago
    Stephanie you do what you need to do to get the scale moving to your satisfaction. I really like how you know you need to keep a check on your calories as well. I always try to keep my nutrients in check. Since I am on meds for a hypothyroid condition I have read on spark that it is a good idea for me to stay at the lower half of my carbohydrate range. When I do that I seem to be much more successful with my weight maintenance. LOL Of course, everything I do food exercise etc always plays into it! Can't seem to get away from that!
    Fight on girl!! Woo Hoo you!
    2530 days ago
  • no profile photo CD12525212
    I am happy to see it going well for you. I hope it continues to give you the results you want, and with all your hard work I have no doubt you will hit your goal. emoticon
    2530 days ago
  • no profile photo CD13354694
    2530 days ago
    I hope your new plan continues to work for you. I moved to low carb eating to lose weight..however, like you I continued to watch calories as well as counting carbs.

    You are doing well. You are right. This new plan is for you and you alone will decide if you want to continue it.

    Good for you trying something new!

    I liked your quotes. My husband and son do not understand why I like to count my steps. That is Ok. I do it anyway!
    2530 days ago
    Hi Steph! You continue to amaze me. I just want to say though that despite your large fan club/following on here -- you are only accountable to YOU! While we all read the blogs of others to get to know them and learn from them, you are not obligated in anyway to write disclaimers for whatever you might be doing! Being open to new ideas and consistently dusting ourselves off and getting back up every time we fall -- that is what makes us successful. What makes you beautiful and lovable -- is just being YOU and I thank you for it!
    Spark on, Girl!! emoticon emoticon emoticon
    2530 days ago
    emoticon let us know how this works out for you

    2530 days ago
  • FIT4ME41
    Interesting plan!
    2530 days ago
  • VEG954
    It has been my experience that when sharing weight/fitness with friends they have expectations of your progress.
    I found that to be a negative.
    I had lost 90 pounds and sharing my success with everyone.
    It was a big mistake when the weight starting to creep up they were critical.
    I felt like a failure. Gained lots of those lost pounds back and friends eagerly brought it to my attention.
    Learned my lesson.
    This time I am not sharing about my lifestyle change.
    Friends are remarking about how great (not my ego talking) I look.
    My response is just to say thank you.

    I get more than enough support with SP.
    This is what works for me.
    2530 days ago
  • no profile photo CD13203216
    Thank you for the link.

    Like you, I am a huge believer in a lifestyle change rather than a plan. However, I also believe that sometimes these plans get us excited again and kick start a sluggish metabolism.

    Keep up the great work!!
    2530 days ago
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