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I went to the doctor today.....

Tuesday, July 01, 2014

I went to the doctor today. I usually hate to step on that scale - it is my moment of shame and guilt! I used to actually think about the weight of the clothes I wore, take off my jewelry in the car, make sure I kicked off my shoes and removed anything I could before stepping on that box. I'd watch the numbers until I saw the dreaded number flashing at me.

Not today. I went in, jewelry, shoes and all, stepped on that scale and it was about 25 lbs less than the last time I was in! But the best part was to come.

The nurse took me into the room. He commented on my weight loss and said good job. I couldn't help but smile. Actually, I probably was beaming!

Then he put that little gizmo on my finger to take my pulse. He asked me if I am a calm person. I laughed. Me? Calm? Hardly. I thought the number would be high as I parked in the spot farthest from the door and sprinted in to the office. He said I had an excellent resting pulse. He then took my blood pressure and said it was at the low end of the acceptable spectrum. What? Me? I used to be borderline high!

When the doc came in she looked at his numbers. She took my pulse again. She smiled. She said that it was the best rate she has seen this week and that she has seen some runners this week! She made a note in her chart that I was working out regularly explaining the number which she said could be alarmingly low for someone who was not working out. Who woulda thought?

She reviewed my lab results and said my total cholesterol was down, my HDL increased a tad and that if it wasn't for that number on the scale, my labs and stats indicate I am a --- are you ready? A FIT INDIVIDUAL!

Me! A fit individual! Who woulda thought?

Well after my poor food choices this weekend, my blistered feet, and my obsessive self telling me to throw in the towel. I felt anything but fit yesterday. In fact I thought I would NEVER, EVER be fit. This is the best timed good news I have had!

So now I have a new goal.... to see that number on the scale to lower so it is an indication of a fit individual!

My batteries became recharged, my motivation returned full force, my determination is a fierce as ever. One step, one choice at a time. I will become fit!!!

What a sharp contrast to where I was yesterday! Which says to me - never, ever quit for you do not know what lies around the next corner!

Keep sparking!!!
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