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Saturday, June 28, 2014

As an impulsive drama-queens "taking it easy" is a very hard task for me... yesterday I had an unplanned sandwich but tired to - instead of feeling like a total failure "again" - remind me that focus one was to stay off red meat and this I have done for 17 days.

maybe time to exclude something else ... bread for example. That will have to wait for four more days because I have four slices left of this wonderful german vollkorns-bread that I eat one slice for breakfast - the only problem is that it only goes well with cheese and cheese is one of my trigger foods for sure.

It´s raining in Sweden we have a big performance one hours drive north and it might be horrible in heavy rain - I also have to be a fortune teller - have to memorize some tarot cards again because it was so long ago I done that so I need to learn again...wont be funny at all in the rain but we will bring lots of extra clothes and go through with it - it´s good money in to the theatre group. Daughter is performing her hulahoop act in the show and also helping with the circus workshop...


So what foods are on my binge list? Everything... no not oat meal porridge that´s for sure....

Easy to exclude are: Cakes, cookies and buns, sweets, candy and chocolate, icecream
These are foods I don´t need, I can´t find any good reason ever for eating them so there will be a 0-tolerance for these.

Red meat - questionable - Deer, elk, horse and lamb would be ok for sustainability so to be honest it is pig that will have to become te no-no for all times. For now it is all red meats but I have to admit that it is a relief to find that I still had that pain in my feet after stopping with the meat because I do think that being a habitant of the north, meat is part of the nutrition system... so excluding pig and beef is ok.

Cheese,,, yes should be excluded - that will be a HUGE step because I use cheese in cooking, parmesan for pasta, blue cheese as spice... for now I will exclude the "sandwich cheese" that we use a lot of in Sweden.

Bread - hard bread (also a very swedish thing, there are so many different kinds of it, it is sort of healthy with rue and fibres but it sure does trigger me...) - no reason to keep that in my food plan. Soft bread... if it is in the house it is one of the things I will turn to when cravings get hard so it might have to go. Have to find another breakfast that I find "breakfasty" enough and that does not give too many things to wash up...I will not eat porridge and hard boiled eggs seems too barely - with a yogurt banana smoothie it would be perfect but I do hate to wash that blender...doing it now because daughter is here and that is what she has for breakfast but when I am alone I want the simple coffee/sandwich solution... will have to think about it.

Fruits - yes I can binge on apples - nowadays fruit is so expensive that I can´t afford to eat lots and lots - yesterday I tried having an orange for snack in the afternoon, not to get too hungry before dinner and it worked. Love orange but really hate to peel them...

I do feel the need to be rather "private" about my thoughts because I know I will get a lot of comments about being to radical that it is better to be moderate and have a little of everything and yadayada... well I am a compulsive overeater and my disease is not to be taken lightly

I know that planning meal works well for me - BUT I have not been able to do it for a very long time. I did lose 16 kilos last year without planning my food more than on a day to day basis, but I think I need to try weekly plans if I am to exclude meat.

Time to memorize those Tarot Cards!
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Meddy I so enjoy your blogs! Progress is evident! Self examination, knowing your strengths and weaknesses, splendid! Wish I could do the tarot for you, it's my passion. Well second passion, runes being first. I'm also good at palmistry. Amazing the information one can get off touching a person's hand. Love hearing all about it, let us know how it goes! Best of a fun time dear heart! emoticon
    1965 days ago
    I used to get those comments about "being too radical" too, and people encouraging me to eat 'everything' in moderation. But, different things work for different folks, and for some people (probably a lot more than will admit) it is necessary to 'get more radical' to ever have any hopes of success. So, you go ahead and do what is right for you.

    I have been trying to leave bread (and grains) out of my diet. But, a couple of weeks ago I went to a city function, and I had a bun with butter. OMG! I thought I died and went to Heaven. And, so I had another. And, then I had 2 ice cream bars. So, pretty good proof to me WHY I have to stay off of this stuff. Cause for me it is an addiction!
    1965 days ago
    I've learned a lot by reading your blogs. You're in my prayers.
    1965 days ago
    Having a "little bit" is not a problem for me---if that's all there is, as in eating elsewhere and being polite. But there's no way I STOP at a little bit if it's in the house! I'm having DD and grandkids here this week and will have more in the house, including some of my trigger foods. Strangely, I can assign ownership of those foods to them and leave them alone. Mind games! But, I have to pack them to go when they leave or take them to other DD's or I will end up eating them. I don't like that about myself but I do recognize and accept it now. Tested and failed over and over. They are not necessarily unhealthy choices, I just can't eat them in moderation. It's a continuous balancing act Cecelia and I think you are doing great!
    1965 days ago
    Oh I know all about getting critical comments! emoticon

    I like how you're thinking about it all and coming up with a strategy. Cheese can be a trigger for me too. I sometimes use a vegetarian 'pate' (what's the word in English? A spread?) on my bread instead of cheese. I get in the health store.

    1965 days ago
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