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Reaching out for prayers!

Thursday, June 26, 2014

It's me again, my friends. Sometimes y'all are the only ones I can go to and I hope you don't mind too much. It's my Bruno doggie. He's 15 ( at least) and has developed some awful thing. He can't use his legs. You can stand him up and they just fold under him. I've had him to the vet today. He did blood work, which was fine. Then he did a couple of x-rays, and they didn't show any problems. Poor dog hasn't peed all day. I tried slinging him in a towel and got him outside, but he didn't pee. Don't know if he'll be able to eat this evening! Doc said he could refer me to a specialist, but it would be cost prohibitive, esp. at his advanced age. We're starting him on prednisone today and the vet wants to see him again Mon. or Tues. My poor baby. He doesn't understand. My DS is home now and he will help me with the little guy.
I fear his days are limited, now and it scares me so much. I know he can't stay forever, but longer would be preferred.
Prayers, my friends, please! This is not just a random dog as most of you can identify with.......this is my 4-legged son.
Thank you all so, so much for reading and your understanding and your prayers. I will keep you all updated in a blog. (((HUGS)))
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