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ATTITUDE is everything!! :)

Friday, June 20, 2014

Got on the scale this morning -- down 8.4 pounds! And I feel SOOO much better already!

I was depressed, angry, frustrated and sad for months due to injuries. I totally lost focus and gained weight -- which made me even more upset.

But then one day it dawned on me that my attitude was making the problem worse, not better.

I immediately started working harder at my rehab exercises. I changed my attitude. I decided that injuries were NOT going to beat me!! My husband reminded me what a strong person I am. He told me "2 years ago you were hit by a truck....and you got up and kept going! Why let this situation make you collapse?''

He's right!!! My superpowers are strength and tenacity. In the past, I powered through when nobody else thought I could. I was featured on a British weight loss show as a person who was so obese that it was too late -- I was the scare tactic. "Get healthy -- or you will be like HER''

Was it too late for me??? NO NO NO -- it's is NEVER too late!! I powered through! I remember when I was 428 pounds crying in my driveway because the pain of walking up and down from the road to my porch was almost too much for me. I remember when walking from my house to the corner was all I could do. I remember when I was so fat that basics like personal hygiene were almost impossible. Did I quit? Did I wallow in self pity?


I lost my focus for awhile. For me, running, working out, walking and hiking became my personal FREEDOM. My victory. And when it was taken away from me, even temporarily ...... I completely lost it. I remember coming home from my doctor and sobbing for an entire afternoon. 6 months to a year of walking a block or less at a time. Rehab for hip, spine and my feet. Damage from years of being 200+ pounds overweight and then being struck by a truck.

Then I was angry. It was definitely like I went through the grief process. I was in shock....then Mad.....then self destructive/depressed.

But I reached that last part ---- resignation and acceptance.

DId I have injuries. Yep. Was my routine going to change. Yep. Was my wallowing in it helping or making it worse? Worse --- yeah, completely worse.

So, I picked myself up. Dusted myself off. And got down to business.

I worked hard to strengthen my hip and back. I did plantar fascilitis stretches for my feet and stretched my calves, and rotated my ankles til I thought they would just fall off.

Then I made an appointment with my doctor and got a complete check up with bloodwork.

I didn't completely sabotage myself. Blood pressure -- 120/80. Resting heart rate - 52. Sugars, iron level and all that were completely normal.

2 weeks ago I was released by my doctor and chiropractor to return to exercising! I started my 5K program over again, and I've been walking and having a great time! Freedom!!!!

I do sometimes have that pang of regret that I've gone from being able to run 6 miles back down to 1 mile at a time. :) But that's ok......over time, I will get back to six.

And I still have to wear compression wraps on my feet at night. I still have to do my stretches. And I still have to be very careful. Any twinges, I'm back to the chiropractor.

But --- it has proven to me that Attitude is EVERYTHING!!!! I put myself in a downward spiral.....and only perking up my attitude to be more positive got me working to get myself out of it again!!

When I stepped on the scale this morning, it really proved to me that the physical and mental aspects of the journey go together! I have been spot-on with my diet and exercise, and I'm seeing my positive attitude, strength and will power switching back on. I returned to SparkPeople after a long hiatus, and found that I never should have left. The support, love and positive vibes here are so motivating! Plus, I re-connected with old friends that I had been missing!

My favorite proverb just goes right along with this: Fall down 7 times, Stand up 8.

Never quit. Never give up. Never give in.

When you fall, get back up. Keep going.

Life is a journey. There are lessons to learn and mistakes to make. It's how we deal with those situations that build our character.

Lesson learned.

And --- thank you so much to all of my wonderful friends here (and the friends I have yet to meet -- I look forward to getting to know all of you!) who are helping me stand back up and dust myself off.

I'm 8.4 pounds closer to my goal this week. And I'm getting stronger every day.

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    emoticon Strong Woman Award
    You can do anything you set your mind to!!
    2350 days ago
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    emoticon You are an awesome person, Juli, and I'm so glad you are back!

    2350 days ago
    Wow! Thanks for sharing your journey with openness & honesty. You really can inspire others!
    2351 days ago
  • SUNSHINE99999
    that deserves a.... emoticon
    2351 days ago
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