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Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Yesterday I missed my noontime walk due to having to cover for another employee who was out for the day. I figured I would just add another mile and a half to my nighttime walk.

Not a good idea.

I walked my normal 3.5 miles and tacked on another 1.5 miles for a total of 5 miles. I tried to keep my pace around 17 min a mile - which is difficult in the hilly section of the trail. By the end of my last lap around the lake my knees ached. I figured it was normal sore aches. Took a shower, put my feet up and called it good.

This morning I got up with my alarm to hit the treadmill. When I got out of bed and put weight on my legs, my right knee gave me a sharp owie pain. I tried to walk it off thinking maybe it was just something stiff from sleeping, but no luck. Going down the stairs was difficult. Needless to say, no walk this morning. I am going to do some other form of activity today instead of walking. Probably won't get my 8.5 miles in today. This will be two days that I have not gotten my miles in and was quite a bit off! Hopefully whatever it is will heal quickly or I won't be in Missouri on the 4th of July!

I am totally bummed. But I need to heal. Fighting the urge to get on the treadmill to see how it really is. Some nagging little voice tells me maybe it won't be so bad - but I know the best thing to do is rest. So quiet down little voice. The knee needs to rest. Shhhhhhhh. Thank you!

Summer 5% challenge starts Saturday! I want to be ready!!!
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