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Size Six Jeans Challenge: Day 7

Sunday, June 15, 2014

emoticon I actually managed to stay on track, for the most part, this week!

I managed to keep my alcohol servings at 5 1/2 (higher than the 4 I was going for, but quite a bit better than in previous weeks!), all of which were red wine (totally acceptable because HEALTH, right?)

I exercised fairly intensely most days, and only had one day where I didn't reach 10K steps. I made it to a yoga class and a Body Pump class. I am really enjoying the Hen House plank challenge for the month (OK, enjoying might be a stretch) because I can already see some additional definition in my abs. emoticon

I tracked food and stayed below top range just about every day, even on a couple of days where I succumbed to a snack attack...

And guess what? I'm down six pounds!
I started the week frighteningly high for me at 140-- which I was hoping was partially just water weight but I knew was creeping up from not being strict with myself-- and weighed in this morning at approximately 134. (Stupid non-digital scale with teeny tiny little lines!)

I was 8th in Boston for fitness minutes for the week, and met my silly little goal of beating my kick-ass team member JECKIE, if only by five minutes! emoticon

I have not tried on "the jeans" because I know six pounds isn't going to make them fit, but I am closer to my goal and more importantly I am sticking with my plan. And it's working.

Hope everyone had a stellar week!
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