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How Is This My Life?!

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Friday, June 13, 2014

^Earned my second one of these today! emoticon emoticon

Today I got to take my mom to the Zoo. According to my Fitbit we walked 5.6 miles! Not only that, but I still owed Sparky a much needed walk, so I went 1.5 miles with him. If you would have told me 2 years ago that I was going to get to a point on my journey where I could walk over 5 miles without having to sit down or take a break, I would have called you a liar! I might have thought I would be able to do that at my goal weight, but not with 35ish pounds left to lose!

My highest weight was 272, and I went to Disneyland at about 260 pounds...it was miserable! I did okay with the walking, but I was sore for days afterwards, and got a horrible blister because I simply wasn't used to walking very far. It hurt, it was exhausting and I was huffing and puffing quite a bit. To see how far I have come in 2 years blows me away. I have been on this journey so long, and still have a ways to go, so it becomes so easier to forget where I came from.

I sometimes forget...

emoticon That bending over to tie my shoes was quite the chore, with my stomach getting it the way.

emoticon That walking up the 7 stairs to my bedroom caused me to sit on the bed and catch my breath for a minute or two before continuing with what I was doing.

emoticon Turning over in bed felt like an Olympic sport.

emoticon That I couldn't lay on my back in bed for long, because the weight on my chest made it harder to breathe right.

emoticon How tired I was all the time, both physically and mentally exhausted from having to carry around so much extra weight.

I still have extra weight that I am lugging around, but it's over 80 pounds less than what I used to drag around with me. I feel pretty good all things considered, and I know I will feel even better when that extra weight is gone.

emoticon I can not lie to you, when I started this thing, A LOT of it was for vanity reasons. I was tired of being so big, tired of people mocking me, tired of not being able to wear cute clothes or even just find clothes that fit properly. I wanted to be smaller, cuter, and able to wear cute clothes. But you know what? While cute clothes sounds fabulous (and I'm sure it will be), I am actually more excited about how much I am physically capable of doing. I know I am not going to be hiking Mount Everest or bench pressing 300 pounds, but knowing that I can walk through the Zoo and walk 5 miles and live to tell about it excites me! It also excited me to think how much farther I can go and how much easier it will be as the weight continues to come off. Not to mention the more I do, the stronger I will get, and that has to help too.

I think the biggest thing I learned today was to be proud of where I am at, right this minute! I am excited about the future, and have no intention of slowing down, but I am learning to appreciate where I am right now, and how far I have come! I can truly say I'm in a very happy place. emoticon

Random Update:
emoticon Since getting back on track, I am 23/25 days on track!

emoticon My rubber band ball is growing!

emoticon I did start my calorie cycling Wednesday, I did eat more on Zoo day because walking all those miles caused me to eat more calories. I promised myself that I would listen to my body. I won't eat just for the sake of eating, but I will listen to my body when it tells me I need more fuel. I will report in 2 weeks an update on the calorie cycling. :)

emoticon Fun tidbits about the zoo. In the first picture that is my mom, this Chimpanzee came and sat right by her, until the stampede of kids came and she took off. I don't blame her. emoticon

The lions were actually awake today, so awesome!

The beautiful bear was out of his cave and playing with an ice tray!

The gorgeous baby Koala sleeping in the tree was so yummy.

^Got your nose!

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