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Like A Little Kid On Christmas...

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Tuesday, June 03, 2014

Last night I was like a little kid excited that it was almost Christmas morning! The recumbent bike I ordered last week was finally to be delivered today! emoticon I live in a condo, and I often hear cars or track passing by (stinkin' thin walls emoticon)... I thought I heard the delivery truck and even got up to check but I was wrong. So I headed back to bed. I had a doctor's appointment, and checked one more time, nothing. emoticon I came back home, still nothing... RATS! I finally lay down in my room to relax and maybe nap a little and just as I am shutting my eyes the door bell rang! It's here, it's here, it's finally here.

I went downstairs, put Sparky outside for a second (don't need him eating any delivery men emoticon) and dragged the heavy box inside. My brother was going to come over later that evening to help put it together. I knew there was a part that specifically needed two sets of hands and that a lot of people had trouble with, but I opened up the box and got everything out. I even did the first couple of steps before I had to wait for him. emoticon Tic toc, tic toc!

^Sparky checking out the goods.

We got past the hard part after about 10 minutes, good thing he was here to figure it out. emoticon We got it all adjusted to how far back I needed it. I will say I am glad that I am the only one using this, because adjusting it is a little bit of a pain, it just requires sliding back the entire thing on the bottom there. But the higher end bikes of course are much easier to adjust.

emoticon This was 137 dollars from Target and Walmart also carries it for about the same price. I will tell you I did not expect much at all from this bike based on the price. I know it is brand new and there is still a potential for things to go wrong, but for now it is good. I will tell you that despite the screws and bolts being tightened as much as physically possible, the seat does wobble a little bit. I had read reviews that said it so I wasn't completely surprised by that. It doesn't wobble when I am sitting on it unless I physically rock from left to right and who would want to do that while riding?

The other concern among reviewers was that there was no difference in tension between settings 1 and 8. The tension cord was the hardest thing to install, so I wonder if that was the issue or if they were just incredibly in shape. The first couple of settings were almost like free spinning, but I currently have it set to level 4 tension and that is working well for me right now. If you are incredibly strong or in shape I am sure the highest setting (8) would be easy for you as well, but this is perfect for me. emoticon It is in my living room, right next to where I sit on the couch... positioned next to the fan and perfect view of the tv... so no excuse not to get on it daily.

I only tried it for 10 minutes because my right knee is currently swollen (arthritis), it doesn't really hurt and it didn't hurt on the bike. I also wore my heart rate monitor and burned 45 calories in 10 minutes. I burn about 100 calories for 20 minutes of walking, so it was very close. I knew this wasn't going to be a huge calorie burner, especially at my speed, tension, and let's face the fact that I am sitting. emoticon But what I do know is it is burning more calories than sitting on the couch. If I can build up to an hour a day I will be very pleased. A few extra calories burned, but more importantly strengthening of my legs and knees. The stronger my legs and knees are, the better my flare ups will be. Prime example. 2 years ago at my highest weight, a flare up meant I could not walk, it was so physically painful I could barely move. I even had to get cortisone shots once to help me walk. I am currently on my second flare up in the last year, and even though they can make me a bit sore, I am still remaining active. It is amazing how much can change in 2 years, and I know it's a combination of weight loss, strengthening my legs/knees and keeping active.

So let's hope this bike doesn't cause my knee any aggravation and that it is something I enjoy enough to stick with. One thing I learned about myself on this journey is, if I don't enjoy it, I won't do it. Plain and simple. So let's hope I continue to enjoy this after the shiny newness wears off!

emoticon In other news, my dad and I are headed to the Zoo tomorrow to put my year pass to good use! Hoping to see some amazing animals and take some photos to share with you soon! emoticon emoticon

^Me today, even though it's June, it felt like Christmas. emoticon

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