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A week feels like forever!

Sunday, June 01, 2014

Ever feel this way? Today will mark one full week where I have been on track. Last week at this time, my weight was up to 142- a high for me, clothes felt tight, I was bloated, not eating right, feeling fat, feeling ugly, etc....

I got frustrated and put my scale up so I could just concentrate and focus on my eating habits. This week has gone amazingly well. I have done 2 a day workouts, I have tracked my food and nailed my nutrition and I am feeling better.

But right now I have to train my mind to remember that it has ONLY been a week. I should NOT expect to be down a pant size or down 10 lbs on the scale or for my belly fat to have disappeared. It has ONLY BEEN A WEEK! It takes longer than that to see significant changes. I know this.... but the childish side of me wants it NOW!

The scale is put up and my next weigh in will be July 1st. We are not planning any vacations this month nor are they any celebrations, so I know I can stick to it. I've got a week under my belt, I got this! My goal for July 1st is 134lbs!

Happy June everyone!

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