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Last day of work before my first Marathon!

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Today is my last day of work before my marathon weekend and I can almost think of nothing else besides it! I'm excited to go home, get a little 3 mile run in and then start the packing process.

I have to travel about 5-6 hours to get to where the Marathon is in Oregon. Since my hubby and I are doing it kid free, we have to drop the kids off at my folks (Which actually adds another 1.5 hours to that 5-6 hours of driving) before we can head out. We don't have to be in Newport for anything tomorrow except for race packet pick up and I look forward to driving the course as I am always better prepared to know where my perceived tough spots might be. We plan to make it a fun drive, seeing the coast and possibly taking the scenic tour through wine country, and where I went to college. Obviously the wine will wait until Saturday, after the race is over ;)

I have the gear all picked out, the sports bra, the tank top, my socks, even my underwear, my compression capris that I have worn for every run longer than 4 miles, and my Brooks that have been the shoes I have trained in for it. I am planning on headphones and music on my phone, along with my run/walk interval timer. No GPS as it drains my battery life, so I will just occasionally text an update to my husband at various mile markers. I have my GPS watch however so I can keep an eye on speed, more specifically to not go out too fast and keep a steady pace in the early miles. After awhile, my body forces a relaxed speed, but it's easy to get caught up at the beginning with everyone pushing hard at the beginning. I will be a well Bodyglided individual.

I am bringing Salted Caramel Gu for my personal fuel along the way. After much deliberation, I am going to bring my fuel belt (bah, I hate that I have to, but I'd rather wear it and not need it vs not wear it and be dehydrated!) with Nuun in the bottles. (Side note- I have been trying lots of Nuun lately- all day and active and energy kinds, and really enjoy it! I find it very refreshing during a run!) There are supposed to be water stops every 2 miles and that's usually plenty fine for me....BUT 21 miles is my longest so far . . so I'd hate to second guess it.

The weather is supposed to be PERFECT! Race start time shows 55 and end time shows 60. I'm not sure I could even ask for better weather! Of course, this is the Oregon Coast, so it could be totally different by the time Saturday actually arrives! It has changed everyday this week!

I have my Gymboss for a back up interval timer, in case my phone battery doesn't last. (It has lasted for a 4 hour run, but that was running a GPS app on it too, so I'm hoping not using that will give me extra time for it). The interval timer is the one thing that if I had to go without I think would cause me some panic near the end. I like music, but if I can't have it, I can still run without it. I do have a back up ipod nano my sister loaded me I could put music on to, but not sure if I want to go to that much backup effort.

The Newport Marathon also hands out oyster shooters along the course at one of the stops, 11 and 19 miles. I have already decided to pass on this. It'd be a great thing to do to personalize the race, however, since I am not an oyster fan anyway, there is no point in adding something to the routine that could mess me up!! I have never experienced any sort of 'runner's trots' and frankly, would like to keep that record in check.

Actually, I have never had to use a porta potty at all during a race. During one long run, I did have to pull over in the woods and empty my bladder before I hit the neighborhood that was the last part of the run. I have used a porta potty that is on a dock near a route I often do in my own town for basic runs, but just never a race. Since I plan on keeping myself well hydrated, I am assuming I will have to finally give into a porta potty on the race course. I am praying for small lines ;)

For this race - they are having the walkers start an hour earlier. The half marathoners and marathoners will start at the same time. This is the first year they are having a half marathon with it. It's a relatively small race, but the half marathons will definitely add a little more change since they go out at the same time and follow the same course until they turn around. The race does have pacers, however the last pacer is the earliest I could possibly finish this race so not too much advantage to me. I guess this means I will at least benefit from all the crazy racers being ahead of me at the start. I don't care for that feeling of debating who to run around and who to stay behind at the start of a race and I know the half marathon walkers could be people to have to maneuver around. Since I run/walk races however, this isn't too hard to do as long as I stick to the side of the street.

Instead of an ice/cold bath afterwards, I plan to dip my legs in the Pacific Ocean for as long as I can stand it!

I also plan to meet up with a dental school classmates I haven't seen since graduation that lives there. So either Friday night or Saturday night will be dinner with her and her hubby. I look forward to that as well!

All in all- this weekend is set up to be such a highlight in my life and I am working hard to keep that mindset as I run it. I have no prior record I wish to beat - I just need to finish. I have time frames I would like to finish in, but first and foremost is being able to FINISH! I have enjoyed ALL my long runs in training and I want to end this, not able to go any more, but having just the energy I needed to make it and be glad I did it!

This is my first...and since the training takes so much time, I'm not entirely certain if I will do more or not. I really like the half marathon length and next goal will be for improving my time on that one. However, the excitement of this makes me think at some point there could be another one once my kids aren't so small!!

OH - and I need to remember to bring that foam roller and ibuprofen!! ;)
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
  • no profile photo CD14270285
    Can't wait to hear all about it ;-). Your excitement is totally infectious!
    2126 days ago
    You'll do great, I just know it!!

    Can't wait to hear all about it.

    Spend some time today with your feet up - to help with your recovery, especially if you are going out to dinner later.

    So proud of you!!
    2128 days ago
    So proud of you! Doing a full marathon is a HUGE commitment. I know you will do it and do well. You are prepared! Wishing you the BEST of luck. HUGS!
    2128 days ago
  • MALAMI518
    Your excitement (almost) makes me consider a marathon. Good luck and have fun!
    2129 days ago
    I wish I had some wisdom or advice to give but I've only done dinky little HMs. emoticon
    Reading through this, I don't think there is anything you haven't thought of.

    I've never had to use a porta potty during a race, either, but it's always a fear of mine. I don't want that to slow down my time.

    I can't wait to hear all the details. You are going to do great. emoticon emoticon emoticon
    2129 days ago
    That does sound like perfect weather, but you are right. It will change every day.
    I have never had to stop at a porta potty during a race. The key is to use them several times before you start, then don't drink a lot during the first mile or so. Then drink to thirst. Small amounts frequently is better than a large amount less frequently. But if you feel thirsty drink as much as you need. The body is using this water and doesn't really send much to the bladder unless you way over drink. Just be sure to start with as empty a bladder as possible.
    2129 days ago
  • PATTYJ48
    emoticon Way to go Karlie. You can do it!!! Sounds like you have everything planned out and I know you will finish the race. I really admire you for doing this. May the weather be how you wish it, may your feet be swift and may you not get the runners trotts.

    2129 days ago
    Have FUN! I know you will do fab!
    2129 days ago
    Awesome and I am so excited for you! emoticon
    2129 days ago
    I know you will have a wonderful time! Can't wait to see the picture of you with the finish line or with your toes in the Pacific ocean. emoticon
    2129 days ago
    Wow. I am excited reading your blog. I never knew that so much planning went in to running. Best of luck. Get a time you are pleased with and no injuries. emoticon
    2129 days ago
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