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Do you have a Plan B Exercise for bad weather?

Monday, May 19, 2014

Do you have a plan B to do exercise when the weather is not what you wanted?
What is your usual plan B?

One thing I learned from project management is that it's good to have a plan B, even when the sun is shining, the sky is blue, and there is no sign of rain.
The time to develop the plan B "for times when it's raining", is when it's not raining.

I apply this attitude also for my exercise habits.

I decided already that weather won't keep me off from doing exercise, I have proper clothing, and I have been through this countless time: it's not as bad as it looks. From inside, it looks like a terrible weather, but actually when I'm out there it's really not that bad. So, I don't care about rain and wind.

But other things can however bring change that I need to adapt to.
When biking, my bike can go wrong; when running, there can be ice; when swimming the pool can be closed.; my membership card can be expired in the gym; it when going for my contact dance class, the teacher can be sick; when doing yoga based on a Youtube video, my projector can refuse to turn on.

So, I always have a backup option - in case I cannot do my first choice of exercise, I always fall back on option B, and I do some other type of exercise. Maybe it is less motivating, less calories, less comfortable, or whatever more "style-B", but I still do some exercise.

This Saturday, around 19:00, finally I made it and was on my bike ride.
"Finally", because, I was struggling the whole day to simply get out and go.
I don't know why, I just found a million things to do before doing exercise.
In the morning, I was fresh, and so learned German. Then the shops were closing and I had to do the shopping. Then I just had lunch and didn't want to go with a full stomach. Then I was sleepy in the afternoon, then I wanted to finish cleaning before my wife was back, and so on. Sounds familiar? :-)
However finally, at 19:00 pm, I was on my bike, riding. My plan was that I ride to "Raabklamm", a beautiful valley about 40 minutes ride from us, and do a little walk there, and ride back.

However, 10 minutes into my ride, the noise from my back wheels started to be really disturbing. I got off and checked it, and found that a screw was too lose, and hit the tires. It looked scary, if the screw comes out a bit more, it can make a spectacular puncture.
To repair it, I would need to dismount the whole rear-wheel setup, fasten the screw, and then remount and adjust the wheel. Although not a complicated job, it would take at least an hour.

Huuuuuhhhh... finally I'm out, and now my bike is down.

Shall I just skip exercise for today?!

Here came plan B:

I already wore my running shoes, running shorts and T-shirt for this reason.
I got home, parked my bike (doing some pretty angry faces), dropped my wind-jacket, and hit the road immediately to run.

It was windy, it was close to sunset, I was totally upset about the silly screw that screwed up my ride... I didn't feel motivated to run... I was nearly dragging myself forward. Physically effort wise, it was not that bad, but in my mind it felt like it.

However, after 15 minutes, this feeling was over, and I was in my usual happy running mood, enjoyed the trees, the changing colours of the sunset. It even started to rain in the end, but I decided to enjoy running int he rain, I had enough being upset due to my bike. :-)

Here you are some pictures and selfies from my run.
I was angry to my bike, so I didn't make any photo of it! :-)

My take away:
if I had to come up to the apartment, search for my running gear, and then go, there would have been a high chance that I get sidetracked, and my exercise plans for Saturday go down to zero. So it was a good decision to factor in going to my bike ride in running gear, "just in case".

is to always have a "Plan B Exercise" in your pocket, ready to do: beside your main exercise, or favourite activity, have some other options that you can do. This way, when difficulties arise, you can still stay on the bigger track.

So, what is your plan B exercise for "bad weather"?

Do you have several fall back options, or just one?

Or if you don't have any - what would it be?

I'm interested - give me some tips!
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    My plan B is exercise videos. Or sometimes I just put on a CD and dance! I've also been known to walk up and down the stairs when I need a few minutes to get in my 30 minutes a day. I once did that when one of my piano students was late. She never did show up, but I got a good workout while I waited.

    Your ideas are more resourceful...but the important thing is to DO it!
    2239 days ago
    Good food for thought.
    2242 days ago
  • LAURIE9404
    That's pretty impressive! I don't think I would have had that kind of Plan B about wearing the running clothes when the weather looks great for the bikeride. You were all set for that! I have so many stinking backup plans for exercise that it's almost silly. I have 3 gym memberships so if I'm not looking at one, there are 2 others that might work. I have bookcases full of DVDs to workout to. My boyfriends video game system XBox1 has fitness programs. I also have my running shoes. There is always an option unless my evening is super busy and I have slept thru the morning workout. Then I'm taking a surprise rest day. But to counteract that, I plan for working out 7 days a week. You never know when you'll get a surprise rest day.
    2243 days ago
    That was smart of you to head right out in your bike clothes. Your Plan b worked. My plan b is to do exercise videos indoors or to walk I often put on my exercise clothes early to make myself motivated to actually do the exercise.

    Keep up your healthy life. I loved the pictures.
    2243 days ago
    I have a treadmill and a stationary bike for when I can't get out but find that if I have to be inside I like walking with Leslie Sansone much better. Of course, I will take outside exercise over anything but living in central Florida lightning is a big issue.

    Recently my aunt was in the hospital and then in Hospice so I spent hours at the hospital but I can only spend so much time sitting so I would get up and walk up and down the halls and do "Leslie" type walking beside her bed. I easily got in more than 120 minutes a day doing this.

    We can exercise anywhere if we really want to.
    2243 days ago
    In my running days I made sure to "take away" all my excuses in advance. To run if it was raining, I bought rain gear ahead of time. Too cold....I bought layers of running clothes. Too dark, I bought reflective gear, etc, etc. etc.

    These days I spend most of my exercise time in gyms, lifting weights and kettlebells. My biggest distraction is time...sometimes not enough of it. So I have developed 15 min, 30 min, 60 min, and even a 90 minute workout plan that I can kick in anytime depending on how much time I have.

    For travel, I always have a few back-up gyms I can go to in advance.

    Bottom line, like anything else in life, good planning makes for good execution!

    Good luck!
    2243 days ago

    Comment edited on: 5/19/2014 6:58:11 PM
  • JSPIN74
    Plan B for indoor exercise...it's just too beautiful out & the kids need to get outside....I get out the jogging stroller & saddle up the little one. The big one hops on her bike & we walk/run & bike to our content!
    2243 days ago
    Your plan B worked very well! Great job you had the running shoes on.

    Walking is my general plan B, there are hardly any conditions when walking is not possible. Not in Hungary, at least, I guess this is not true for places with extreme cold / heat/ wind and so on.
    And I can now use yoga as well. I'm in training but know enough poses and flows now to to do a 45-60 minute workout by myself if I have to.

    2243 days ago
    And what would be your backup for home or for your inside exercise?

    I like to have a plan B for my at home workouts and yoga, too.
    Although it wouldn't rain, but my equipment can broke, distractions can come in.
    2244 days ago
    I almost always exercise at home inside, so I don't need much of a back-up.

    Sounds like you have your plans all in place! emoticon
    2244 days ago
  • JSPIN74
    emoticon emoticon

    At this point I'm exercising more indoors then outdoors,: partly holdover from the long winter we had & partly because the time of day i usually get to workout is once the kids are in bed. So in the house workout it is...

    Right now I have been doing T25 (Alpha segment) I just finished week 4. It' sbeen a good program for me. Regimented 25 minutes a day...I generally schedule it to 5 or 6 days a week. I know I will get a good 25 minute workout in no mattter what & by the end of the week I have worked my whole body. During the day I am at work & I usually walk 3-4 miles on my lunch break. Luckily the building is very large & even in bad weather I can get in plenty of laps.
    2244 days ago
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