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pity parrty over

Saturday, May 17, 2014

my little pity party is over. I did hear from the dr. a preliminary report has come in. The radiologist does not think any of the spots are malignant. He feels they are cystic. However he is waiting for my previous tests to compare to make sure there are no changes. That might take another week or so. But the dr. said she felt it was a good report. She said depending she might still send me to dr. for a biopsy just to make sure. So I feel better.

I'm also going to try the whole3o program. I got the book in today. If there is a chance to fix things in a healthy way rather then a pill i'm going to try. I think the worst thing for me is my morning coffee with out sugar or cream. that is an adjustment. I am waiting a week or so to do it just so i can get prepared and get the holiday out of the way. My stomach is feeling better right now on the medication. I would like to not have to take it though. And i would like to see if it does anything for my cholesterol. we'll see. it can't hurt!!

I also did a few things this week that well I never thought i could. I managed a modified handstand pushup. I put 2 abmats down which would be a few inches thick. Then did a handstand and lowered myself to the mats and pushed back up. awesomeness!!!

And I got a personal record on a snatch lift. 65 pounds. So this just tells me i can beat it all. I might not always feel great but I know I feel better then I did. I can do things I never have before. So I've had a few issues. I'll get through it and keep on getting healthier. Because there really isn't an option. I'll never go back!!

Thank you all for kind words and encouragement. I'm a worrier and anxiety was getting me yesterday.
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