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The Skinny Word

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

This recipe was on the front page of the Spark Recipes


How can this be considered a skinny recipe?

I mean seriously, who can eat this and not gain weight?

Do people deserve a treat? Well, if you think you earn or deserve a treat then… umm you might want to evaluate the importance you place on food.

If you want to incorporate a less than healthy choice into your plan, I will not call you out. But I thought Spark was trying to teach us how to make skinny substitutions and this my friends is not.

Did you know that a Cake pop would do less damage than this skinny treat?


295/180 cal
8/10 fat
49/25 carbs
Oh the protein makes it healthy. Lol 4/2 grams of protein

A peanut butter cup is also a better bang for your buck.


Dunkin Doughnut has less carbs and calories


I don’t suggest eating any of those items. My point is that none of these things are on a health site or consider themselves skinny, yet they are all skinnier than what is being featured on a health site.

My tip is to educate yourself, don’t rely on Spark or anyone else. Know what you are putting in your body.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    ah come on Chelle... it's the non-fat yogurt and egg whites that make it healthy (snicker)
    2555 days ago
    I sometimes wonder as to who thinks these are good for you treats, recipes, etc. I take one look at the calories and serving size and I'm like, no thank you, please! I'll stick to my own treats (or any you want to share!!).

    Hope you're doing well. It was nice to get the notification that you posted a blog!!
    2555 days ago
    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    2555 days ago
    Cheers to you Chelle! emoticon emoticon I think the most important point is education and if SPark is going to continue to provide recipes such as this, then it is our responsibility to try and point out the flaws and educate people. Bottom line as you said......know every ingredient of every gram you put in your body!
    2555 days ago
    I think the biggest issue here is members can post anything they want and Spark doesn't review the recipes to see if they qualify as healthy. However in this case, Spark FEATURED one of these recipes!! WHY??? It's not as if the recipe had rave reviews. In fact it had ZERO reviews. It's high carbs, high calories, low protein, and it contains processed ingredients. Tell me how any of that is healthy???

    I have a similar issue with some of the blogs they feature. Blogs by people who's journey is far from stellar. People who gain and lose the same pounds repeatedly. People who may have lost large amounts but regained and repost those same pounds repeatedly.

    The theory behind Spark is FABULOUS but of all the successful people I know, very few, including myself, have found their success by using the tools and recipes that are provided by Spark. And why is it that very few of those success stories are ever featured, when, in fact, most of them have true value and are truly inspirational?
    2556 days ago
    emoticon advice!

    I believe what you saw...picture don't lie.

    2556 days ago
    Lol but it is gluten free. Must be healthy, right? Right? Grr

    Everything about that recipe screams paid advertising. Hopefully people are smart enough to realize it's not actually something they should be eating.
    2556 days ago
  • TINA8605
    If I see a recipe that sounds good, I'll look at the recipe. The first thing I check out is the nutritional values. If its ok I'll read at the recipe. If I think it can be made healthier I might that is might give it a try. I try not to read recipes that I know its not the time to be eating these foods. If you don't have it....you won't be eating it.
    2556 days ago
    2556 days ago
  • ELSCO55
    I agree
    2556 days ago
    some of the recipes are not that healthy and an awful lot are made with the help of tinned soups etc for the sauces but you have to remember that alot of the recipes come from people actually using this site and from people who also have kids.but amongst theese recipes you will also find alot of very healthy,nutritious and good recipes.it is up to you to decide which of the recipes could work for you or not though i agree that the powers that be should be more diligent in which recipes they highlight or not. emoticon
    2556 days ago
  • no profile photo RIDLEYRIDER
    I've often found that the recipes could be made much healthier, if you're willing to try.
    2556 days ago
  • no profile photo CD13669487
    VERY emoticon Some of my friends make these and wonder and whine why they are NOT losing weight.
    2556 days ago
    I go by serving size because of serving size is what an average person would eat and the suggested serving size is out of control
    2556 days ago
    Four (4) of the cups count as one (1) serving. If you ate just one, that would be approx. 75 calories. If you could limit yourself to just one (maybe two), it would be so much better.

    Not everyone can easily deny themselves a sweet treat.

    That said, this is not a treat Ill make for myself.
    2556 days ago
    Chelle, there have been many, way too many, not healthy recipes of this nature on the front page of Sparkrecipes as well is in the daily recipe email. I have commented on several as have others and yet they keep on coming. This is not a good direction for SP to be taking.

    For so many on this journey, will power is hard fought and on precarious days, a picture such as this can tip some over the edge into old habits.

    Thanks for sharing this, your voice is very valuable.
    2556 days ago
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