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There are challenges, and then there are challenges. :)

Saturday, May 03, 2014

I'm quite late in "submitting" my promised report following week #4 of my 30 Days of Fit Food challenge - oops. But this update will be a bit more than just that - I've been doing a lot of thinking, and am owning up to some faults, kind of thinking out loud about future steps....so this is longer than usual.

Challenges have not been my forte here - I don't think I'm a great team member because I...well, I'm not sure why. Whatever the reasons, I find myself doing the challenge, but keeping it private, not really "checking in" and not ever keeping up with the threads beyond an occasional blip. As for this one, I DID complete all the steps, did what was "assigned," and got the T-shirt (well, the virtual trophy). Along the way I reaped some unexpected bonuses (more about those in a minute). But if the point of a team challenge is to be part of a community while doing all those things, I'm afraid I continue to fail miserably. I'll have to think about this loner walk - maybe it needs to change, and maybe it doesn't.

As for bonus benefits, well, I'm eating much healthier, I don't feel as if the food controls me, and I've actually eaten within my calorie range most days...something that I haven't done many times since November before this challenge. What that brings me is some of the confidence I'd "misplaced" for a while, and a sunnier outlook about what I CAN do.

The good news: I've started a new challenge of 100 days. The plan is to map out my food choices for a week at a time, shop AFTER the list is made, and then eat according to my pre-planned menu. Of course, changes are made as necessary, but the road map really helps me. I know, I know... I should have known that already after 1.5 years here...hard head. I've found the hard way that I cannot (that should all be in caps) plan and log one meal at a time, because then I ALWAYS exceed all sorts of limits, even when I think I'm doing everything right. I've worked this plan for a week so far (didn't want to talk about it till I'd seen I could follow through) and it's going really well. Seven days down and ninety-three to go!

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    hi to you!!!--Why is life so busy eh?-----LOL-----Yesterday my brain was zappy-----to-day is a new day and better----a new printer--a new IPad--just too much!!!-----But------my himself and I are busy gardeni9ng --in the bugs-------so many bugs , we can't sit on the dock yet--Hopefully they diminish soon!!!----I hope your weekend is going well----I love the look of your dogs-----Lynda
    2340 days ago
    How is it going?--- Your road map sounds like it's working for you----Lynda
    2343 days ago
  • RX_2_RV
    Unfortunately, our society treats introversion like it's a disease, rather than another way of processing and being in the world. It is up to you to decide on how much you want to participate.

    I struggled with the decision to join the BLC for many of the same reasons you did...I did not want to disappoint anyone and I wasn't sure of how much I could contribute (pounds lost, because I am just about into healthy BMI range, and time commitment, because I am preparing to take the national pharmacy board exam.)

    Ultimately, I decided that even though my time is limited right now, that my health is important and should be near the top of the list of things to do. Committing to a team for a 10 week challenge forces me to KEEP it at the top of the list. And it will probably make it a little more fun for me. At least it will make me more accountable and give my plan a little more structure, a little push to do more, which I need.

    You decide what is comfortable for you. I think there is a place for introverts and loners, even in a team setting. The extroverts may learn a thing or two from us and we may learn a thing or two from them. Kennwanne said it so well in the second paragraph of the comment. Quality of participation is valuable, it's not all about quantity.

    An eagle cannot fly without both it's wings...balance is the key.


    2346 days ago
    Hey Panther Pal! You sound a LOT like me! (No disrespect intended LOL) I think we fail because we EXPECT to fail, and we keep it private because we are expecting to fail, and who wants THAT advertised?!?!?!

    I am learning a lot on SP a little at a time about expecting greatness and achieving it, about finding a safe spot and sticking my neck out.

    Well, I am expecting us BOTH to do GREAT on the BL Black Panther Summer Challenge. So, hang on girl, I am DRAGGING you along!! Get excited if you are not already this is going to be fun!!!

    Thanks for the friend add!

    emoticon emoticon TOGETHER!!!!!

    2346 days ago
  • KENWANNE2013
    Great blog, you are doing brilliantly.
    I can relate to what you say about the 'loner factor'. I spent a lot of time trying not to be a friendly loner, but have now accepted it is what I am, and as a result am much happier. In my journey on this issue, I worried a lot about letting others down, and wondered what people would say/think when I finally owned up to the fact that trying to be something different, meant I wasn't being fully authentic. It was a big relief to find out that my true friends a. had already figured this out ahead of me. b. Didn't mind, just enjoyed me being around when I was c. Had their own 'peaks and troughs' of attachment anyway.

    I see you as someone who brings depth into contact. You may not blog, or make contact every week etc, but when you do it is full of insight, warmth, openess, and honesty. I like the fact that you blog/comment when you want to, rather than when you feel like you should. THAT is genuine support and what is I imagine, what most people on spark people are looking for!

    I do think the 'loner' thing is quite common amongst writers! A few years ago I was talking to someone who trains/teaches professional writers, and she said, that if you run a class for writers, you have to accept, that if you set them a team challenge, you'll hear 5 minutes of animated chatter, then 55 minutes of silence, as they each retreat into themselves, working alone to complete the 'team' exercise emoticon

    In this blog you said you that challenges haven't been your forte, but
    you have done this one emoticon , and in sharing your insight have inspired others to share their perspectives of teams (what a relief... I thought I was the only one who didn't really get much from the 'team challenge approach').

    2347 days ago
    Well you came to the right team. Because we are going to be your spark friends! We will be there for you, and help you along your journey to health. I do not like anyone left behind or feel like they are not included. Our team is a safe place for the member to be creative and share their thoughts and ideas. You will be fantastic, I have already learned from you! As for keeping up with the team, you only have to fill out your stats on Thursday, and the silver ITC basic for the week, the rest is up to you, its there if you think it can help you, and if it will not, don't worry about it. Go Panthers!

    I also have to take it day by day, and meal by meal.
    Learning new habits take focus.
    We are worth the effort!
    2349 days ago
    Okie Dokie ... now you are on the Black Panther Summer Slimdown challenge and I need you!!

    2350 days ago
  • SALAM4545
    I don't do so well with teams too, but I am very competitive, and that makes me do the work even when I don't report in. So I figure even if I'm not the greatest team mate, at least I'm getting somewhere. I'm just glad you recognize what you are doing and made the decision to keep challenging yourself emoticon .
    2357 days ago
    I haven't done so great with teams, either. Even this 100 day challenge I started & others followed. I meant to check in with each person every day, but I stopped doing it. But, it still helped a LOT to be on SP almost every day posting my progress & getting feedback & feeling somewhat accountable!

    I think this is a great 100 day challenge & wish you the very best!!
    2367 days ago
    Gail, I think your plans are great. The roadmap and the shopping are good ideas. They are sensible and will help.
    We are here for you and support you.
    2367 days ago
    I just have to jump in because I agree with you Gail and others who have posted about teams - not sure exactly why but I don't feel they add any value for me to belong to them. That being said I have belonged to many team situations in my project management past and they have worked but I prefer to support but not participate.
    On the other hand I am a huge fan of change and improving ones lifestyle which you are challenging yourself to do.
    Go Gail Go! emoticon emoticon
    2367 days ago
  • no profile photo CD8158758
    Whether from a team, articles, challenges, I always learn something or accomplish something. The teams aren't as important to me as my sparkfriends...so my main support and time go to them. I don't pick more teams than I can handle too. Big team challenges I have learned are just too overwhelming for me, so I don't join anymore.
    Some of our journeys take longer than others, like mine and that's ok. You need to go at your own pace, so the good habits you learn, are for a lifetime. Good luck and keep going! You're doing so good!!!
    2368 days ago
  • no profile photo BUTTERFLYGRACE
    emoticon I'm so excited for you!!
    2368 days ago
  • no profile photo CD14119060
    2369 days ago
    I'm lousy with teams. I always feel like an outsider-raised very self consciously, always worrying if I'd said or done too much or too little. For one, I hate the word team as it seemed to fit not too cool patterns of behavior in school, with each of seemingly prescribed niches being filled (usually being one of the ones stuck with a lot of work and not the credit while the 'leader' and the trusty sidekick take credit, the slackers are saying whatever, the apathetic just do only what they are supposed to do, and originality is only if you are 'popularly approved by group concensus'. So, the nomenclature alone is an immediate turnoff.

    You can do this. You've met many other challenges. However, this is not a challenge. This is your life and you are merely ensuring that it goes according to your plan for it. You are becoming self disciplined and forming good habits. No stress, no muss, no fuss, no bother. It is not a matter of luck, Good Skill in this endeavor!
    2369 days ago
    With age comes wisdom! emoticon
    Keep on keeping on!
    2369 days ago
  • NHES220
    Good for you - good luck on the continued challenge. Don't worry about posting late. Really, at the end of the day you need to be accountable to you. I wish you continuted success on your challenge and know that we are cheering you on!
    2369 days ago
  • MSHEL7
    Good for you. I find that I learn something new every day and I think that may be the key. As we learn new things we put them into action, like you weekly planning, and they work really well and our journey gets easier and better. I like your new action plan.
    2369 days ago
  • no profile photo CD13876765
    GREAT JOB! I am so proud of you!
    2369 days ago
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