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It's all about attitude!

Thursday, May 01, 2014

Hello There!

I wanted my first blog to be a bit of background about myself, but I kept putting it off. I'll have to write that another day!

Anyways, I wanted to talk about what a huge role that attitude and the mind play in the role of weight loss. When you think about it, weight loss itself is a fairly simple concept. Eat less calories than you're expending, and bam! the weight starts coming off. If it's that simple, then why is it such a struggle for most people?

Without getting too much into my background, I've lost weight a couple times in the past, about 30 pounds each time, but I didn't do it the right way. The first time I did it with nutrisystem and lost that 30 lbs in less than a month. I was ecstatic that I lost the weight, (even though I was still overweight) but immediately went back to my old ways, and ended up gaining it back over the next couple years. A year or so later, I completed a 30 day juice fast and also lost about 30 lbs, but gained it back even quicker. Ugh.

Like I said before, it's easy to lose weight. The hard part is staying focused for a long period of time to lose the weight, and then keeping up with the maintenance. To be successful, you have to keep focused and push yourself each and every day. To be honest, you have to do this the rest of your life! It's an active, not a passive, process. The sooner you come to terms with that fact, the easier your journey will be.

I started out my most recent (and started my LAST) weight loss journey at the end of January. I believe I was at my highest weight ever, and was feeling utterly disgusted with myself. I vividly remember sitting down and eating a big meal of chinese food and feel gross after. I had bent down to tie my shoes and was having difficulty! I felt like I had hit rock bottom and knew I had to start the journey once and for all. I did a 90 day weight loss challenge with a supplement company that had an awesome support system. I was able to lose 42 pounds the right way. It's been about three weeks since the challenge was over, and I'm still feeling great. I knew I was going to lose weight in the 90 days, but I wasn't prepared for the transformation that was going to happen to my mind. I could have lost 100 lbs, but if that mind transformation hadn't happened, it wouldn't have done me any good. I would have gained it all back eventually. And yes, even though I knew my mind was in a completely different place than it was three months earlier, I was still scared to death that I would slip back into the same place I had been. Like I said, a successful weight loss journey is a mental victory.

We are truly our own worst enemy! The mind is such a complex place, it's easy to play mind games with yourself. It's easy to convince yourself that you deserve a second helping, or a donut, or that you're too tired to go the gym. And sometimes that's okay! It's okay to have a cheat meal, it's okay to take a break! But, the problem is that one cheat meal turns into two, and a day off from the gym turns into a week off. Little by little you start to undo all the hard work you have done. The vicious cycle continues.

My goal is, and will always be, to lose weight. Plain and simple. I've been overweight my whole life and it's always been my dream to be thin. I now finally realize the key to meeting my goal though. I finally have a secret weapon for my success. I have to motivate and push myself each and every day. I have to fight my own mind. I have to truly re-train my brain to make good choices, to not make excuses. I will have to do that every day until I no longer have to, which in all honesty, will probably be never! And I'm okay with that.

The sooner you realize you have a long, uphill battle to conquer, the sooner you can start conquering it. Getting started is one of the hardest parts, but it something everyone can do. Starting my journey was one of the best things I have ever done, and I am thankful now to have an awesome support system. I don't hide my journey from those around me. I share my story in hopes to encourage others. I share my story to help keep me accountable.

Stay strong, and do whatever you need to to stay motivated. Your journey depends on it!

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Angela, you are so right! There is a clever Sparkpeople article titled "The Three Pounds That Control Us." I was thinking: how much does the stomach weigh? The liver? Stomach plus liver? And it turns out the three pounds is our brains! Welcome to Sparkpeople, where it's not a diet, it's a lifestyle. emoticon
    2567 days ago
  • TREV1964
    This is a great no nonsense no holds barred blog that tells it just how it is.

    You are so right - the most important journey you make when you go on a weight loss programme is the one that starts in your left ear and goes through to your right ear.

    It is a journey of about six inches where we travel through our brain and our minds. It is only when that journey is made and the changes that are needed to be made are finally made by ourselves that the true successes that we all desire can actually become a reality.

    A great blog I enjoyed reading very much -

    Thank you so much.


    2567 days ago
  • ANGELA9298
    Thanks for the support everyone! I really appreciate it!! emoticon Very true, Nell. That's a good perspective!
    2567 days ago
    I see it as a daily endeavor rather than a long uphill climb. Looking forward it seems endless, but looking back it flies by. The more Plan days you can manage, the more they accumulate, and that accumulation is Success.
    2568 days ago
  • KAYDE53
    emoticon You're so right; we're are own worst enemies!! I've been on many diets, and was usually successful on them, only to get burned out or had some physical ailment crop up, go off them and regain the pounds. This time I'm opting for a lifestyle change, healthier eating, small changes, and while maybe slower results, this time they last. emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    2568 days ago
    Well said. I wish you much success on your journey!
    2568 days ago
    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    2568 days ago
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