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Let's Talk About Sugar

Monday, April 21, 2014

I have decided that sugar is the devil.

When I say sugar, I am referring to all caloric sweeteners. Sugar, HFCS, turbinado, honey, agave, fructose, sugar alcohols, etc.

The obesity crisis in America really took hold when the low fat craze started. Why? Because food manufacturers had to add sugar to the food to make it palatable. When you take out all of the yummy fat, the food tastes like cardboard.

The problem is, fat wasn't the problem!

All these low fat, fat free "foods" are horrible for you. And most of them are full of sugar.

Why is sugar so bad? There are lots of reasons, actually, and I won't go into all of them here. However, sugar spikes your blood sugar. Then it rapidly crashes, and then you are starving. So you eat something with sugar, and the cycle starts again. When I weighed almost 300 pounds and I ate lots of sugar every single day, I was hungry all the time. I'd finish eating and before long I would be thinking about what I was going to eat for my next meal.

Now, deep, insatiable hunger is gone.

I used to think "oh my sweet tooth isn't that bad, I don't eat that many sweets" but there is so much added sugar in almost all the processed foods that we eat that even if you think you aren't eating much sugar, you are probably eating far, far more than you realize.

I sweeten my coffee with EZSweetz (liquid sucralose aka Splenda) and I know many of you will think that's horrible, but I'm not giving it up. I've tried other alternatives like Stevia and I didn't like the taste, and I enjoy my sweet creamy coffee too much to stop. From all of the research I have done, I believe that the EZSweetz is far better than the powdered business because it doesn't contain the fillers. It is certainly better than sugar.

Recent studies have shown that sugar lights up the same pleasure centers in the brain as cocaine. Cocaine! You can't tell me that sugar is not addictive. And sure, you can say "well it is ok in moderation." The problem is that sugar cycle that makes you want more and more which makes moderation very, very hard. It's easier and better to just skip the sugar from the get-go.

The one time in the last few months that I splurged on sugary treats, I regretted it so much the next day. I was tired, I had a headache, I was nauseous, and all I wanted to do was lay in bed. That is the most convincing argument to me that our bodies are not meant to consume such quantities of sugar. At least mine isn't.

I know this is a topic that people tend to feel very strongly about, so I welcome your comments both for and against.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    emoticon The first book I read that started me on the right path explained how when you eat the wrong foods the more you eat the hungrier you get - and it's not just psychological and greed- there is a physiological response.
    2602 days ago
  • no profile photo CD13928790
    If it doesn't give you tummy problems I say go for it. It really messes with my gut.
    I use a tsp of honey or tiny amounts of maple syrup when I have the urge! Otherwise I think Heavy Whipping Cream is very sweet- so that's in my coffee! :o)
    emoticon emoticon
    2618 days ago
    Sugar is my downfall - I feel better without it. I don't like the taste of the artificial sweeteners or the side effects. I cut creamer and sugar out of my coffee and have been drinking it black for a few years now. However, you have to buy decent coffee because you aren't masking the flavor with anything else. emoticon

    I think the HFCS is a big problem too - sugar or some form of it is added to so much unnecessarily.

    2619 days ago
    I prefer Splenda as a sweetner also, I've tried several others with not so good results - the Stevia gives me horrible gas and others taste so funky, I can't deal with them. So what little sweet I use, it's Splenda. Thankfully I drink my coffee black so I really don't use much of any sweeteners.

    I think sugar is evil also and try and watch any sugar intake - like you say, there is so much hidden sugars in things, we can't always tell. I stay away from anything processed as much as humanly possible, I think that is probably the worst culprit.

    2620 days ago
    I think there is even more to the story than just sugar (conspiracy theory), but I do agree with you on the evils of sugars, especially how it is used in foods today).
    2620 days ago
    Absolutely right in every point!

    I use sucralose, too... although I've been using the granulated for the most part. I may have to switch - although I don't use it for much, since I'm not a coffee drinker.
    I do buy those "water enhancers" which contain sucralose - and I'm hoping that those don't have funky fillers and additives... although, being a commercially processed product, who knows what we're really getting.

    One thing which encourages me is that our diet is prescribed by our endocrinologist - and he doesn't permit us ANY sweetener other than sucralose. If I'm going to ingest sweeteners, sucralose is seemingly the least evil of the ones available.

    And for those saying that stevia or honey or agave etc are "natural"... well, most of them are NOT (or are nearly as bad for us as cane sugar). They have fillers or processing additives, too. Even stevia, unless you're using just the leaves you've grown yourself, isn't what YOU would call "natural." Don't let the marketers fool you. T'ain't so.

    2620 days ago
    Totally agree. Our bodies simply aren't designed for that much sugar, ever. i feel much better being off that roller coaster, thank you very much.
    2620 days ago
  • no profile photo CD12377244
    For the most part, sugar in any form isn't part of my diet; whether I was in the losing stage or now in the maintenance stage. I, however, didn't scan my diet to look for hidden culprits. I stay away from the obvious additions. I haven't studied this enough to offer advice. Just sharing part of my journey. Blessing and emoticon
    2620 days ago
    I agree. Sugar is terrible for out bodies. It is the primary reason for my Diabetes. If only I could go back to my childhood. I would have never gotten stuck on sugar and yes it is addictive. Thanks for sharing. emoticon
    2620 days ago
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