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March's Stats

Saturday, April 05, 2014

Steps: 315, 233 (up from 263,089 in Feb)
Average steps per day: 11,258 (up from 9,396)
Fitness Minutes: 4,462 (up from 3,532)
Calories Burned: 22,012 (up from 17,882)
Average calories burned per day: 786 (up from 638)

Did not really track; includes one week of abandon (when I actually didn't eat or drink that much, apparently) and one week of stomach illness (when I didn't worry about what I ate at all and probably vacillated between under- and over-eating), plus two weeks of trying to be fairly good and healthy to look good for vacation.

Starting weight: 137 Ending weight: 133
Measurements seem the same.

I tried Body Pump for the first time and I loved it.

I've been getting together with a friend to swim at the gym, which is way more fun than swimming alone.

I was ridiculously active in Mexico, averaging 15-18K steps/day, biking, swimming, walking, climbing gigantic pyramids... and I definitely see all of that in my stats, although those ONLY include FitBit steps and not most of the swimming/wave-hopping, etc. that we did as well. So my fitness minutes are technically WAY higher. emoticon emoticon

Let's see if I can beat these stats in April!

I posted a status update to this effect... I may be happy at 133. It's possible. I never knew where to set my goal weight... it's the high end of normal, but I want to be STRONG and I love curves. I don't know that I need to drop any more weight... just continue changing my saddlebags, teacher arm (sorry, teachers) and tum-tum into musclier versions. This is an interesting place to be, after obsessively checking the scale for the past, oh, 25 years.

Hope everyone has a wonderful April. Happy Spring! emoticon

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